Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Lucy 161/365

Annie 161/365

Today I am thankful that Lucy tee teed in the potty TWICE today. This is huge for us. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Lucy showed a little interest in using the potty. Nothing happened that day, but she did sit on the potty several times. Since then, she has gone back to hating the potty. But today she woke up and said she wanted to wear a pull up. At 12:30 pm, she was still dry since we put the pull up on. I swear, she never goes to the potty, which is partly why this is difficult. She agreed to sit on the potty and ta da, she went!! We all did a big happy dance. She also went again after nap. We are really proud of this progress.

My dad suggested that I let the blog go for a while since I have been feeling overwhelmed with work and so much to do. Don't worry, I am not doing that because I have 100% committed myself to this project and I want to do it. But, until I can get caught up, the entries will be short and I am not killing myself to get a lot of pictures - probably just a few a day. I actually got a whole lot done today and feel much better, but I have four sessions to edit and a shoot in the morning. So, still lots to do. I feel better after getting a bunch of orders submitted and an older session to the client. I am making progress. Again, I am yet to find the balance in how to manage my time so that I can do everything that I need to do in a day.





Anonymous said...

Well I am glad I am not the only one who is overwhelmed by all this. When people were telling me that owning your own business is an insane amount of work, they were not kidding! I am freaking out because I have 5 sessions this week and then we leave for vacation. How am I going to relax with all that work waiting at home??? Good grief. If you find a strategy that works...let me know :)! And I am glad you are not giving up on your blogging challenge!

Mom said...

Hooray for Lucy!!! Hooray for Lucy!! And for Annie!! I know she did something worth cheering, too. And, hooray for a productive day. Makes a momma proud! I sure do miss all the chaos around here! What fun is a clean house with no little ones to mess it up??!! Love and kisses to all, Lee Lee

Laurie said...

You'd better not give up your blog! That was just an awful idea Mr. Kelly (don't know your maiden name Kell;).
You'll start chipping away at it and I bet you'll get into a rhythm with it all soon.
Yay for Lucy! We've been stuck on the whole "pooping on the potty" step for-ev-er. It's a doozy, apparently. I CANNOT wait to be done with least for 1 kid!
Your photog sneak peeks are awesome, btw. I'm loving the sessions you've done. Those are some lucky families!

Amy said...

I haven't commented in a while because we are in the process of moving, but I just have to say how much I love Lucy's hair. She looks so grown up! Yea for the whole potty training progress. It can be so stressful! After our move we're going to work with Adalee. I am not looking forward to it :-)

Thanks for the updates and the photos. You truly inspire me!

Amy in Tennessee

mimi lam said...

I am laughing at Laurie's comments,I totally agreed with her, glad you are committed to blogging, suddenly, Lucy looks so grown up, and Annie is growing in leaps and bounds. Your photo blog is totally awsome, very creative, lovely captured pictures.

Sharon said...

Hooray for Lucy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone used the potty? You lucky duck you.

Kate said...

Glad you're sticking around, although I completely understand how overwhelming life can be.

Yay for Lucy!!!

Natalie said...

That is great news about Lucy and Congratulations about your win at i heart faces!

Nicki said...

balance is soooo super hard. Every single day I struggle. I have a million different organizational ideas and some help but eventually I get off track and then totally overwhelmed.

Hurray for Lucy! She's so big! I'm so proud of her. She'll do this thing all on her own before you know it!

lee said...

yay for potty!
i haven't bought diapers in about 2 months and let me tell ya,'s like a getting a raise! ha ha. seriously though, that is awesome! just keep it simple and fun for her!

Kristen Chase said...

just gotta say, when i'm married and have children, i want my family to love life as much as you guys seem to! :D

MKH said...

Have been on vacation so I've just caught up on all the wonderful posts!!!! So exciting for Lucy on the potty!! What a smart cookie!! My girl wanted nothing to do with it until she turned 3-she just loved those diapers!! Love ALL the pics you've posted and the LaLa blog pics are absolutely amazing. I can't even believe how great the shots are. Really happy for you that your business is taking off!! Keep up the great work!!