Monday, June 15, 2009


Go Lucy!! She loves her princess panties.
Lucy 166/365

Go Annie!! Such a big girl crawling.
Annie 166/365

Today I am thankful for Lucy wearing her big girl panties all day long and having ZERO accidents!!!!!!!! She did wear a pull up at nap and tinkled in it, but that is it. I asked her this morning if she wanted to wear her panties today and she happily agreed. So on they went. She wore them for over 3.5 hours before she actually went to the potty. I am telling you, this girl can hold it for a very long time. It is funny, but I wasn't even nervous about her having an accident. I didn't force her to sit on the potty ever. I would just ask her if she needed to go and if she said yes, we would go to the bathroom. If she said no, I told her that was fine but to just remember that she is not supposed to go in her panties. She even p**ped in the potty, which is REALLY a very big deal for us. She had to have privacy, which is SO Lucy. I am so incredibly proud of her. I know we have a ways to go, but I have always said that once she decides she is ready to do it, that will be it. I really hope that she has decided she wants to do it. I am a big fan of one less small person with dirty diapers. She even came down the hall tonight after she was in bed and told Justin that she needed to go potty and she went right in and did!

Annie is making some big progress with her crawling. She can really do it, but we still have to stay on close to her because she wants to pull her leg under and sit and scoot. As long as we tap her legs, she will keep them under and crawl. She expects a standing ovation after she gets to whatever we are enticing her to crawl towards. It is so cute and she is just as pleased with herself as we are with her.

Mandy and I got to go out for dinner tonight. Well, Mandy had dinner and I had cake. I ate at home before and then met her. Because of crazy schedules, I haven't seen Mandy in way too long. As always, we managed to solve the world's problems and get in a few good laughs. :)

Go and vote a few more times! The contest ends tomorrow and you can vote HERE. I really can't believe how many votes we have gotten.







Yeah Annie!



Anonymous said...

Wow! Great news about both your girls. I feel you on the potty training thing. I just don't have the energy to really work at it with I am hoping she will just start doing it herself!

Mom said...

YEA for BOTH GIRLS!!!! I couldn't be happier for everyone! And now I'm going to bed. More tomorrow! The pics just are oozing JOY! Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Mom said...

Good night, Dada Lee

KrisJ said...

OMGosh! How exciting go GIRLS!! My Maddie was the same way with holding her pee pee's. How exciting!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Hi Kelly, I wanted to write and say I absolutely love your blog & your photography! I don't remember how I stumbled onto your blog (maybe from I heart faces?) Anyways, I think my girls are about the same ages as your 2 girls. I am starting potty my 2.5 year old this week also! And, my 9 month old is a recent crawler, fun times! Just wanted to comment and say hi and that your photography is inspiring!
mel (in california)

Lilia said...

Well done Lucy and baby Annnie!!
I didn't know potty training would be that hard but none the less, can't wait to have kids of my own. :)

Sharon said...

Awww, SO proud of both girls!!!!

Kelli said...

Two big girls- hooray!

Beth said...

LOVE the pictures of Annie. So cute. And great job Lucy!!

Nicki said...

yay! good job lucy!! Addy also has to have privacy when she p**ps - lights off (!!), door shut all but 2 inches exactly. LOVE those princess panties! What a big big girl!

And Annie, you are doing so good with your crawling! WOOHOO!!! Look at that proud girl!

LaLa said...

YAY on both counts..LOVE the towel pics.

Hey email me.. I have a question for you and can't find your email addy : )

MKH said...

congrats to both your girls! It really is the best kind of excitement isn't it?? so fun! LOVE that first pic (and all the rest) of both girls, but that one of annie in the towel is just precious! glad you had a night out and can't wait to hear about the contest results!

Sara said...

What a milestone week at your house! HIP HIP HOORAY! ps. hip hip hooray to u too for such a great job on these daily posts! You will so love this someday!