Thursday, June 18, 2009


Annie 169/365

Lucy 169/365

Today I am thankful for the sweetest thing that Lucy did for Annie tonight. I was giving Annie her bottle for bed and rocking her. Lucy always plays in her room next door while I do this. I leave the door to Annie's room open because Lucy normally thinks of about 15 things that she needs to come in and tell me while I put Annie to bed. Tonight she popped in and said, "I need to sing Annie some bedtime songs." Of course I said that would be great and she sang Twinkle Twinkle and ABCs. It really was so cute. Lucy is not too fond of Annie lately. Annie is into everything now, and that does not especially make Lucy happy. Annie is OBSESSED with Lucy, so she chases after her everywhere and wants to be touching her all of the time. Again, not Lucy's idea of fun. So whenever Lucy does something sweet for Annie, it really makes me smile because recently it is not a common occurrence.

A perfect example is the pictures of Annie from this morning. That is Lucy's purple PB chair. She loves it. Now Annie loves it as well. Lucy was eating a bowl of cereal while I was snapping these precious pictures of Annie, but as soon as she was done, she expected Annie to be done with that chair. She got pretty upset with Annie and ended up pushing her, so she had to go to time out. Note to self - get Annie a PB chair soon. Very soon. As a side note, isn't the morning light in my kitchen awesome.

Operation get caught up on everything is going so well. I plan on getting another session finished tonight and most of a second done. Tomorrow the girls are going over to Mandy's for several hours while I get some more work done. Each session I get done I feel so much better.

You would think I posed this girl for these shots, but I assure you there is no posing this maniac.




Could she possibly be a bigger ham?



Lucy was tolerant of this idea for about 15 seconds.






Emily said...

The pictures of Annie are absolutely precious!!! Her little smile just melts my heart! Doesn't it make you so proud when big sister comes and loves on baby sister...I love those moments!

StaceyF said...

I could just eat Annie girl up!!! Lucy's hair is too precious right now too!

Mom said...

Love, love, love the pics today! Should have gotten Annie a chair for her birthday--wish I would have thought of that! Love, hugs, and kisses to all. LeeLee

Mom2J&I said...

Anie is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. Seriously.

Dawn said...

OOOH they are so cute!!! That Annie is a little Ham!!!

ellie said...

Congrats on winning the reader's choice award (I voted for you a couple of times - that photo is awesome! and I love asian babies!)

Your photos are so beautiful - I LOVE your kitchen!!!!

Congrats again!

Sherri said...

I LOVE the picture after the one of them sitting in the chair together. The expression on Lucy's face is priceless. She looks like she is really over it and wants some alone time!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Annie looks great! She is just moving right along isn't she? Her smile is beautiful. I love Lucy's hair! I keep trying to figure out when Caroline's hair will look that way, but I think we have a long way to go!

The Houser's said...

Thank goodness it's just the PB chair.. My girls do that to the couch in the living room and their dad and I wonder if we have to sit on the floor:) Your pictures are great and I wish I could find someone around here to take family pictures out and about. They still think that everyone posed works:( And I have absolutely no talent - I try - but I stink.. lol

Norah said...

So cute and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Annie is getting SO big! She's just adorable!!

Love the photos today! They're great!

MKH said...

such neat pics. Annie is really getting tall! Lucy looks beautfiul and I'm so glad you're getting caught up! off to the La La to catch up on those pics!