Friday, June 12, 2009


I love this picture because it is Lucy loving on her blankee, aka her baby - Pinky. I asked her to come here to get her picture since we hadn't done it for the day and she politely invited Pinky into the picture. So cute. She loves Pinky and Pink-O so much.
Lucy 163/365

Annie 163/365

Today I am thankful for Andy and June and all of the massive amounts of work that they helped me do today. We cleared every single thing out of our garage, scrubbed it down, washed it out, and returned everything to its appropriate spot. It was a ton of work and very exhausting. Without their help, it would have been almost impossible to get it all done. Tomorrow we are getting the yard all back in order. I don't know how Justin and I got so lucky, but we have the best parents ever. Both sets would do anything in the world to help us out. Thank you so much for all of your help!

A sweet story for Daddy, who left last night. Lucy could not get settled last night. It was a weird day and night since we had no power. She kept asking to sleep in our bed, so I had brought her in with me. She had been flopping around and talking for quite some time. It was way past her bedtime. She finally was settling down and being quiet when she turns to me and says, "Momma, I miss Dada." Melted me. We both agreed how much we missed him. As always, Justin lucked out and got to be absent for all of the work that has to be done around here. Somehow he always manages this!!

Okay, we are in second place at the I Heart Faces contest. Please, please, please go and vote HERE!! You guys are doing awesome so far. Thanks so much to those of you who said you voted a bunch of times. I appreciate it. The photo in first place is getting a ton of votes. I think someone is sitting there and voting over and over again! :) You can vote as many times as you want. So, if we all vote 5 times we will blow by her! Come on!! I know we can do this.




Mom said...

1st???!!!! Lee Lee

Mom said...

You, Andy, and June need to hit the sack for some rest, or call in for an at home massage!!! Thanks, guys, for all the help you do. It is SO appreciated. Wish I was there to pitch in. The little ones look happy to have company!! Love and kisses to you all, Lee Lee

angie said...

i am wearing the same shirt as your FIL right now!!

and i LOVE that lucy still wears footed pjs!

oh, and congrats on the i ♥ faces win...pretty cool stuff!

Natalie said...

I just voted numerous times and it is evident that someone is sitting there voting over and over again. I think there may be no chance now :(
Your picture should win by far! Annie is totally precious in it :) I will keep voting for you :)

Sarah said...

Love today's pics... the girls look so relaxed and happy! What a busy day you had!

Congrats on the I heart Faces! I definitely think the picture of Annie is the absolute best! I voted 10 times to get you up to 1600 votes.

Cori said...

I voted once earlier today, but will go back and do more. Cute picures!! : )

mimi lam said...

Yay, Annie is ahead on picture contest, it would be awsome that she would win, it is such a heartfelt adorable face picture.

Dawn said...

HURRAY!!!! 1st place. I'll be sure to keep voting. Hope ya win!

Mary said...

Love your pictures. I have been following the blurb contest - as I am also a huge fan of blurb.

I do hope you win.

One of the nicest things about this voting in this particular case, I reflected this morning over my coffee, is what it says about community including but limited to the adoption community.

Yay us and

Cheers to you.


mary said...


Should have said including but NOT limired to, Pays to proof read.


Ashley said...

I voted a bunch of times! I didn't realize you all were without power for so long- yuck! We got ours back on pretty quickly. Hope it's back on now!

Meredith Woodruff said...

I just voted again. I only voted once yesterday. It looks like you are in first place now:)!!! I'll be sure and vote multiple times today;)!

Jyl said...

I just went back to vote again and it looks like Miss Annie is in 1st!
(We lost power last night and I thought about you guys. I love power.)

beckarecka said...

Just voted. Still in first!!

Seashy said...

I voted until it reached 3300!! I am SUCH a good sister.

P.S. I didn't die in the storm yesterday, shew!

KrisJ said...

So glad the clean up is going good! SOO I made my hubby get on his computer and I was on mine and we sat and voted I mean COME ON people that photo of Annie I think is my most fav of her ever its gotta win!!

Erica said...

I voted for you!

Nicki said...

Yay for the big hard cleanup job. I really hope you don't get any weather today.

I really hope you win the I heart faces. I voted a bajillion times and will continue to. For every vote of mine, that other person was getting multiple votes. Argh.

Palette said...

i just voted tons! You are catching her quick.

Angel said...

Glad the cleanup is going well!

The picture of Annie is adorable...I definitely voted quite a few time!

Kate said...

Unfortunately, it's turned into a popularity contest and not a best photo contest. Ugh. Should only be allowed to vote once.

Hope you win!