Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Annie 168/365

Seriously? Is this the smile I am going to get from now on?? Sadness from her momma.
Lucy 168/365

Today I am thankful to everyone who voted so that my picture won the I Heart Faces blurb viewer's choice contest!! Thanks so much guys. We were able to get over 16,000 votes, which is just crazy. I really am excited to see the final book. Anyway, I really do appreciate your support.

Another accident free day! This is awesome. We had a crazy day today. Therapy in the morning. Anna and Louis were over for 4 hours later in the morning/afternoon - Mandy and I are trading days this week so we can each work. Naps for the girls and work for me. And then just the evenings which are always busy with dinner, bath, playtime, and bed. I have been tired all day because I did accomplish my goal of editing two sessions last night. Tonight I have to get up a sneak peek and begin on another session. I like stating it on here because I feel more accountable. I am too tired to finish the session, but I am pleased with the progress I am making.

Off to work.



This is her other smile she gives me. Silly.


HAPTeach said...

I'm glad to hear about the potty training. My little T started on his own and just went with it too! Of course there have been a couple little accidents here and there (he wanted to play around some and the time he was extremely sick). Congrats on the book! Glad to hear you won :)

Mom said...

What's up with the red mouth? I think that's what's affecting her sweet smile! ha ha ha You have been super busy! Glad you are getting some work done, but I think a good night of sleep might help, too! It has gotten SO hot way too soon for me. And the mosquitos are going to be able to carry us off. ugh Off to rest, talk to you tomorrow. Holly's are getting ready for their beach trip. Sounds like tons of fun. Hugs and kisses, Lee Lee

Marina said...

Oh Kelly- my little boy is 2 and a half too and i get that fake smile for photos all the time. I hope, hope, hope that it's just a phase that they will grow out of quickly. Well done Lucy (and Mommy) on the potty training!

Sherri said...

I have recently figured out that Grace's "Elvis face" is what you get when you ask her to smile. I can't believe that it has take me this long to figure it out. I guess now I know why I never get smiles in posed pictures. However I do have her Elvis face from every photo session.

KrisJ said...

YEAH!!! I worked my husband on that voting on his while I worked on mine it was fun! Soooo glad you won! O LaLa pics are amazing!!! And GOOO Lucy!

Anonymous said...

Well done Kelly!!! Delighted that you won :)

Jennifer (in Ireland).

Laura said...

Yup, that's the smile I've been getting for about six months now. Not quite what you want, huh?! :) WTG on the blurb book! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

It's easy to win when you cheat isn't it?

MKH said...

congrats on the contest!

Mom said...

Dear anonymous: I read your incredibly rude comment, let it upset me, so I cooled down, and said a little prayer for you. Suffice to say I still wanted to say blow it out your ear, but, never mind. Possibly you need some love and kisses sent your way, too. Consider it done. Lee Lee