Saturday, June 20, 2009


Is she not just absolutely beautiful?!?
Lucy 171/365

Annie 171/365

Today I am thankful for a really fun afternoon with the girls. After their naps (and mine!), we put water in the two baby pools and they just splashed and played for a long time. It was really nice because Lucy and I went to battle at lunch today. She has been eating so much junk since she has started using the potty. She is constantly asking for a special treat or a snack and the result is her not eating any real meals. So today at lunch I told her she had to eat her lunch. She assured me she would and of course, after she ate the fruit, she ate nothing else. We ended up both very unhappy with one another and the final result was Lucy not eating and me putting her down for nap in a very foul mood. Once she settled down, I did go in and talk with her about her eating habits and how we weren't going to be snacking any more until she will eat her meals. So after nap, we didn't eat any snacks until dinner and guess what? She ate very well - chicken, fruit, and peas. And for dessert she got some of my milkshake. :)

I just love today's pictures. Such fun and joy! Just so you know, Annie splashes and goes CRAZY in the bathtub like she is doing in these pictures. Needless to say, I have to mop up about a gallon of water every night.



For those of you who have noticed lately, Lucy seems like a giant big kid all of the sudden. She looks so grown up here. *sniff*

She refused to wear a swimsuit. She was naked outside all day.




I swear to you the drool never stops. It is like nothing I have ever seen.








This is not an especially exciting video at all, but I know Justin and the grandparents will like to see the girls. Annie is very camera shy, which is just funny to me.


Mom said...

OK, really SWEET video! Love to hear Lucy talk, and can't believe how shy Anners got! Glad you had fun in the pool. Bet it didn't take long for the water to heat up! Ready for bed, am pooped today. No reason why! Off to take the dogs out. Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Tons of fun pics.

Erica said...

Duc drools like Annie. It's constant! Strangers love to tell me about him "cutting teeth", but he's not! He hasn't since had any new teeth since the beginning of January, but people keep telling me he is cutting them. As if a mother wouldn't know...

Yeah, can't believe what a big girl Lucy has turned into to! She's a beauty.

Natalie said...

So sweet! I love the photos from today too! You are a great photographer and your girls will love that you have so many beautiful pictures of them when they grow up. This set is one of my favourites of Annie's pictures. She is so happy. Love the shades too :) It was neat to see Lucy on video too she does look so grown up with her new cut and it was nice to hear the little girl voice :) My oldest does the same thing mimicking me to our youngest and the middle one mimmicks her big sister. Too stinkin' cute :)

Ronja said...

Oh, that video is just sooo cute! I love Lucys haircut. She really is so beautiful! And her talking is so cute as well! And the pictures were great, too.

Norah said...

Such sweet pics and I really enjoyed the video !

M said...

Love the pictures. Lucy looks adorable. Her eyes are beautiful. Annie looks so sweet and happy. If you 've ever visit DC, love for you to take my family pictures.

Christina said...

lucy does look so grown up and yeah for the potty! i love annie's glasses. we are trying to do the same thing with meals and snacks...some days are hard. hope to see yall soon!

Amber said...

oh kelly!!!!! i loved getting to watch the video!!!! they are just precious!!!!!!!