Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Annie 160/365

Lucy 160/365

Today I am thankful for this really sweet thing Annie does every single night or nap when she is done with her bottle. Most nights she is so tired when I am giving her a bottle and rocking her. She almost always drains the bottle and can barely keep her eyes open. When I put the bottle down, she will turn into me as her little eyes are closing. But then, every time, her hand starts to come up and she touches my face. As soon as she touches my face, she starts smiling and singing. I love it. Love it. She continues to touch, smile, and sing as long as I let her. My little love.

We had a great day today. Ate breakfast with a friend and her three sons, played at the park, went to the grocery store, ran a few more errands, and cooked dinner. Nice and busy. I also got quite a bit of work done. Some days I feel like I am never going to catch up. I still have so much more to do it is not even funny. I need to just break it down and make small goals for myself so that I don't feel so overwhelmed. Easier said than done! Be sure and check out the La La Blog to see some of the Little Rock sessions. I still have one more sneak peek to get up and then I need to start all of the other editing. I am going to get started right now and stop putting it off.






Mom said...

You know why Lucy is so happy???? She's in her Halloween pjs! Ready for the holidays!!! Glad you had such a happy, productive day. I did too! Even played tennis this evening. Am still a little pooped, but got all towels washed, beds changed, and bathrooms scrubbed. So, I'm ready for everyone to come back! Seashy, if you read this, I need your new email. I already forgot what you told me. ugh Pics of both girls are so sweet. Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Mom said...

Also, they came and picked up Papa's tv today to repair it. So, he's been banned to the play room! Lee

Found the white hair flower. Want me to send it??

Kelli said...

Sounds like the best night time ritual. Melts my heart just thinking about it!

KrisJ said...

I was checking out the lala blog earlier and what I love most about your photos is the way you capture the eyes and the spirit of the kids, you have a gift lady!!!

Sharon said...

Love those sweet, tender moments.