Sunday, June 07, 2009


Lucy 158/365

Annie 158/365

Today I am thankful for all of the fun we have had in Little Rock. We are going home tomorrow. We are really ready to see Justin and get back to our normal routine, but we will miss the chaos that we have been in for the past week. We have all talked about how amazing the change in Lucy has been from last year to this year. Last year she was on the defense with John the entire time. She couldn't relax and have fun. But this year could not possibly be any more opposite. She has been playing the whole time with John. They are really great buds now. She hugs and kisses all of my sisters and she has really taken to Papa. It is just so wonderful for me to see her like this because she has always shown me her lovey side, but I was sad because so few other people ever got to see it. She has just blossomed since January. There has been such a huge change in her, and I love it so much. Annie has been so sweet and such a love to everyone. We have all agreed that it is just not possible for a child to be any more happy than she is.

I am off to do some editing. I have got to get back to doing some work.

Anners was quite pleased with her first ever taste of watermelon. She didn't actually eat much, but she enjoyed chewing on it.

And this one loves watermelon.

This wild man loves it, too.






John started actually jumping most of the way down the slide today. It was super fun for him but a little scary for us!





Mom said...

1st. Lee!

Anonymous said...

Love the watermelon - makes me want to run out and get some right now!

Would you mind sharing where you got Lucy's suit? I seem to have trouble finding swimsuits for my 2 year old that I really like and I think Lucy's is adorable!

Mom said...

OK, it has been a wonderful, wonderful week, and it always makes me so sad when the house gets so quiet again. ugh I love this family so much. We are all truly blessed! Safe travels to all. Love and kisses, Mom/Lee Lee

Sarah said...

wow! He can really jump! I'd be frightened, too!

Ki said...

I love your pictures...they are great (as usual)!!! but just wondering is Lucy completely potty trained now??

Kelly said...

Lucy's swimsuit is from Old Navy. I am sure you can still get it.

And no, she is not even a tad potty trained. Won't really discuss it anymore. She just doesn't have to wear a swim diaper. I am hoping she learns from the feeling of going without a diaper while we are outside.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Love Lucy's suit...I saw it a while back at Old Navy, but of course they were out of the 2T. I never can find a 2T! Now you really made me want one seeing Lucy in it. So cute. Glad you had a nice trip!

Norah said...

Glad you all had a great time.