Monday, June 08, 2009


Annie 159/365

Lucy 159/365

Today I am thankful for the 2+ hours of silence I got after our drive home. Justin took the girls and I went upstairs and shut our door and just laid in our bed and enjoyed the quiet. I couldn't sleep, but that was fine. I even got some work done. It was exactly what I needed after our drive. Lucy had a MASSIVE meltdown in the car. I have no idea what set her off but it took about 45 minutes for her to calm down. I stopped and she got even more upset when I tried to get her out of the car, so I just fed Annie in the car and started driving again. It was pure madness there for a while. I was not happy and she was really not happy. Needless to say, it was great to be home and really great to have some peace.

I barely got any pictures taken today. Long day. I will say Annie's picture is sweet to me because we actually have been working with her on holding her bottle. Most of the time with adopted babies, you encourage them to not hold the bottle so that they can get used to having their mom/dad do it for them - it allows them to be a baby again and learn to depend on their parents. Annie has always been delayed in how she uses her hands. She still has control issues with them, so recently we have been working with her on holding the bottle and controlling it. She still struggles with it sometimes, but she is getting much, much better, as you can see.



Mom said...

It's, me, Lee! And I sure miss you all! I could tell that your trip had not been the best from the tone of your voice, and you are very LUCKY that Dada was there to give you some space. Thanks, Dada!! Very quiet here but I guess I'll have to get used to it. Tons of sheets and towels to work on! Folded up the pool. Papa and I actually got it in the storage bag!! All my chicks are now home safe and sound. Love and kisses to all, Lee Lee

Jenny said...

My girls didn't hold their own bottles for both reasons until they were almost 18 months. SO Good for Annie. They all catch girls are all caught up officially (well cams still has her slight issues but technically she is not delayed) and it is a great relief as a mom to feel that.

Norah said...

Ever since L started with the potty she has a meltdown most mornings on the way to school for M. It's so hard to drive and listen to her cry. So hard!

Kelli said...

I love that picture of Lucy! Aiden still won't hold his own bottle. Thanfully, he has finally started holding his sippy cup if it has handles. Annie just keeps making more and more gains- way to go little miss!

Anonymous said...

Kelly -

The second photo in this post (the first one of Lucy) - did you use a speedlight for that? If not, what kind of flash or lighting did you use? Thanks!

Kelly said...

There is no flash used here. It is just the lights from our room, which are big floodlight type lights. The ISO on my camera was set really high - 1600 - and the shutter speed is still pretty low. The picture is not especially sharp when you can see a bigger version of it. Hope this helps a little.