Sunday, June 28, 2009


How sweet is this?!?!
Annie 179/365

Lucy 179/365

Today I am thankful for Justin being back! He got home early this afternoon right as both girls were waking up from nap. Lucy took a bit of time to wake up, but once she did, she was so excited that she was just running in circles throughout the house. She is currently upstairs chilling with her Dada. So cute. Annie has not let him put her down while he is within her sight. She dove straight for him when I got her up from her nap. I just love it when the girls are so excited to see him. Two weeks is a long time for dad to be gone, so I always worry that they are going to be kind of mad at him when he gets home. We all have really missed him and are thrilled to have him home!!

I would appreciate another round of prayers for my friend that lost her baby this week. They are having the Memorial service tomorrow morning and it is going to be really difficult for everyone. I have appreciated so much those of you who have said you are praying for this sweet family. They need your prayers.



Here I come Dada!





Killing me!


Life id definitely better when Dada is home!


Mom said...

Yea! Dada is home! I have never seen two more excited kids!!! I have had a wonderful time with the family--guess I'm back to the grindstone tomorrow! Prayers are still going up for our friends, and their Mom told me that she could feel them--so they are working. Love and kisses to all, Lee Lee

It's fun when I know Kelly has the blog up. I can really zoom in here and be 1st!

Susan said...

Talk about a picture being worth a 1000 words! Oh, my! I got a little misty looking at those two girls being so happy their daddy is home. I bet his heart swells to an absolute crazy size when he gets that type of reaction from his sweet girls.

I'll certainly be remembering your friends in prayer.

Kate said...

So cute! Welcome home Dad!

melissa said...

awesome to see them so excited for their daddy! great pictures!

sending my thoughts to your friends!

Nicole said...

Your girls are the cutest things ever!

I love how Annie crawls.... I'm assuming that's her way of crawling? My youngest, Hudson, who just turned 1 crawls like that... uses one knee and one foot. Cracks me up.

Stacy said...

Those last few in particular are just so adorable!

Definitely thinking of your friend.

Anonymous said...

You captured such a touching moment...Justin & Annie's kiss is practically making me weep!

Seashy said...

this post is absolutely adorable, i LOVE it.

MKH said...

just so cute! so happy your man is home with all of you again! sounds like a fun weekend with your mom and of course all of the pics are just so great! I'm so impressed with lucy and the potty! I will definately keep your friend in my prayers tonight!

Carolyn said...

What a great homecoming!

Shirley H. said...

i can truly see the little ones are so excited and happy to see their dad back from the photos (no word is require)! no worries!

Tara said...

These would have to be my favorite of all the pictures you have taken. So very sweet! You can just feel the love and excitement!

mimi lam said...

The pictures captured all the meaningfull of loving and sweetness between father and daughters, awsome series pictures of Annie and her father, you can see her showing happiness, affections toward him. Pray for your friend will get through the Memorial with strength, and peace in her heart.

The Houser's said...

looks like daddy is just as excited to see them!! the look of excitement on Annies face is wonderful;)

Sharon said...

That last picture just melts my heart.