Sunday, January 31, 2010





The girls were playing tonight and Justin and I had the Grammys on in the background. We obviously love the Grammys. When Pink came on to perform, both girls stopped dead in their tracks, sat down, and silently watched the performance. It was a cool performance, but it was funny how captivated by it they were. They both seem to love music. And Lucy has great taste in music, but she wears a song out like nobodys business. Her absolute all time favorite song is Yellow, by Coldplay. Awesome song, but I can barely stand the sound of it now because we have to listen to it so much.

Quick question. I am watching the Bon Jovi/Jennifer Nettles performance right now. There are three of them all singing into the same microphone. The only thing I can think when I see people sharing a microphone is that it would be so gross to be that close to their breath and you know they are spitting on each other. Ick. Anyone else ever had such a thought? So random, but it always crosses my mind when I see such a thing.

For those of you that asked about the cleanse I am doing, it is THIS. We did great with eating today. Yeah! I had an egg white omelette for brunch after church today that only had veggies in it. The whole thing was under 350 calories. And for dinner I made homemade chicken noodle soup. Yummy. It needed more salt, but that was an easy fix. Both girls ate it really well and everything in it was organic and fresh. I got all kinds of things at the store today that I have never bought before. I am about to be so healthy you aren't going to recognize me!! :) We are even going to visit a gym tomorrow. Wow!

The other thing that I did today was completely clean out my pantry, fridge and freezer. It felt awesome. Tons of the stuff in the pantry was unopened, and I am giving it to our church tomorrow for their food drive. It shouldn't just go in the trash, so now someone can have it, just not us! The fridge is stocked with organic fruits and veggies. The pantry has all kinds of weird grains and rices in it. Emily - I even got a Moosewood cookbook and we are going to do at least 2 vegetarian dinners a week. I hope to shed the 8 lbs I gained last year. I just feel so flabby and bloated all of the time, but that is all changing! Woo hoo! I seriously am so motivated to do this.


Anonymous said...

guess who leelee!! caught you dinking around again!!


Mom said...

Me dinking????? Are you serious????? he he he he

I have been checking, but am in to my shows. Sorry!
Sounds like you guys are going to be so healthy that I'll not be able to stand ya. And Kelly, you did not add a single pound last year, so where did you come up with an 8? Me, now that's another story!

Pics of the girls are very good. Love those little pumpkins.

Seashy and I were really counting on a portrait of Bruiser.

Love and kisses, LeeLee

Sharon said...

I remember when I cleaned out our cabinets when we turned Org. I felt guilty giving it away like I was poisoning people! I bought the movie yesterday and we ALL watched it last night. It was good, but Mike and I were hoping it would have went into even more than what it did. We bought it so that we can let any willing friend and family member borrow it and spread the word. Something we learned early on though is a lot of people just don't want to know or understand. Eating organic or veg is just as touchy a subject as religion or politics. You start to feel enlightened and you just want everyone to know this 'secret' you have discovered, but it's not as easy to spread. Good luck and I'm so happy that you made the change for you and your family! I'm going to post about the movie today to to help spread the word and I will mention you of course.

: )

Love Letters To China said...

I just bought the movie and am waiting for it to be delivered. It funny, I read your blog and feel so many of the same things you write. I feel the need to cleanse and purge (donate) all the food that is truly poisoning the bodies of our children and ourselves. I'm having a bit of a hard time with the cost of Whole Foods items. Luckily our local grocery chain also has a good organic selection that isn't as high priced. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck!

Heather - The Wanna-be Super Mom said...

Oh my gosh, I had the same moment during the grammy's. I actually called my husband in the room to say "what the heck is up with them all singing into the mic like that". It was weird, AND it was gross. Funny!

Shawna said...

Thanks Kel...I'm going to start it as soon as I have a chance to get to Whole Foods! Love the profiles of the girls...I was a bit mesmorized by Pink's performance too.

Nicki said...

I love hearing about your healthy eating! It inspires me! I've turned into a raging junk food junkie. I do need to just watch Food Inc. Blah.

But your post reminded me that when we were broke, it was so depressing to me that eating well was not even an option. I gained so much weight because healthy whole foods are just SO much more expensive. Isn't that depressing? It really is unfair. Healthy foods should be available to everyone and things like foot stamps and WIC should not cover processed crap at all but SHOULD cover healthy whole foods. Its just a soapbox I sometimes find myself on.

I totally missed the Grammys! I have no idea how it happened. Addy would have LOVED seeing Pink perform.

Seashy said...

that is SO funny they loved that Pink performance. hahaha, too cute.

I, like Lee, am really upset about Bruiser still.

Anonymous said...

I agree with so many of the other commenters, like Nora saying how touchy it can be to talk to people about being veg. I'm not a vegetarian, but some of my family is and I could easily be, but I have to tip toe about it around my DH. I also agree that WIC should cover things other than the cheap, crappy food. I was happily surprised to see the WIC approved sign on some produce at Walmart the other day! (I'm not on WIC, I just think about it for others..)

Dawn said...

Good for you with the new healthy eating. We started the Body for Life plan in Jan. It is amazing how wholesome food and exercise can totally change the way you feel. Good luck, happy eating, and please keep posting any tidbits of healthy eating that you come across. Always looking for new ideas.

Anonymous said...

so happy to hear about all the wonderful changes you have made! love the pictures of the girls!

Trying Traditional said...

Eating healthy doesn't have to break the bank if you are willing to do the work. Our grocery/eating-out budget is $600 for the month including paper goods for our family of six. I know that isn't dirt poor, but I know that many people spend double that with a smaller family. However, we spent quite a bit more than that a month when we were buying canned soup, meal in a box items like Hamburger Helper, and frozen entrees or sides. They are convenient, but usually not cheaper.

Whole grain bread and crackers are very cheap to bake. One chicken will make a couple meals as well as a lovely pot of broth for soup. Knowing your cuts of meat and being willing to carve some of your own helps quite a bit too. Just look at the price per pound of boneless, skinless chicken breast vs the price of a whole chicken.

It's been three years now we've been eating a nourishing, whole food diet and you couldn't pay me go look back!

NHP said...

This is a bit random. But one of my friends (blog is awesome-
Posted these two sites and they inspired me and I am not even a photographer.
The year in pics blew me away and I just had to share with someone!

Jen said...

I am with you on the healthy food "resolution". I have lost 25 lbs since 11/30/09 and have started buying as much organic as I can afford. Good luck!

rachel said...

Moosewood ROCKS. I use "simple suppers" all the time because I am not the world's most adept cook. (That is a total understatement.)

The other thing that helps us a LOT and prevents us from eating not-so-fabulous food at night is making a lot of things ahead of time and freezing them. I'm always amazed at how good things taste after I make them from scratch and we freeze them - we never buy frozen stuff now! We just keep leftovers in our freezer. If that is a stupid thing to do, I don't care - it has made my life so much healthier!

I agree with Norah - eating politics is as touchy as real politics. Good luck implementing the new diet! I cannot wait to watch Food, Inc - it will be as soon as I can cut meat out of my diet, which will have to wait for a while for dietary reasons (I need the iron). :)

Emily said...

yeah. you will love it. there are so many moosewood cookbooks.
i have five of them! love them all.