Tuesday, January 19, 2010



For Christmas Justin got me a Le Crueset dutch oven. It is something that I have wanted forever, but didn't want to spend the money on. He TOTALLY surprised me with this and I was very excited. He got me the green one because it matches our lovely green kitchen. But we hope to sell our house and my dream kitchen someday is bright yellow with dark espresso cabinets. So I have always had my eye on the citron set from Le Crueset. I finally got around to switching them today and I broke that bad boy in tonight. I didn't do a recipe where it slow cooked in it all day, but the food turned out awesome and I can't wait to cook a roast in it.

Thanks for the food websites! I am going to have lots of fun going through those. Tonight I made a pork loin with a mustard bread crumb crust. And for sides we had Pioneer Woman hot crash potatoes and also squash and zucchini. Justin loved it, which is what makes me most happy. It made enough for our family, our neighbors, and I dropped some off at a friend's house that has been sick. We are horrible about eating leftovers, so I love it when we actually eat everything. There was nothing leftover, so it was rather tasty.

We have also implemented the policy with the girls that they must eat what is made for dinner. It is no problem for Annie. She is a disposal. Lucy has always been a challenge at meal times. But she is doing so well. She ate the pork, vegetables, and fruit tonight. I am so proud of her. Go Lucy!

And finally, here is a quick Lucy story. We were watching American Idol tonight. She is laying beside me and hadn't really said a word. Then a cute Asian boy came out to sing (he was the first one to get a golden ticket on the second day in Chicago) and Lucy says out of no where, "Well, he sure is a handsome boy." Justin and I just looked at each other and smiled. He really was such a cute boy and it was just so funny that she called him handsome.

One more quick thing, for those of you who were following the religion discussion from 1.17 - go and read my friend Elizabeth's comment that she left this afternoon. She is beautifully articulate and I absolutely LOVE the way that she described her thoughts on the issue. I think it is the last comment on that post.


Mom said...

We only get a picture of a pot???? Glad it worked out and that you made a lovely meal already!!!

Yes, you have gotten some really nice comments from your friends. How encouraging.

There are still some really large people on Biggest Loser! Makes me want all of us to eat better.

Finished my homework this afternoon, so I'm all ready for tomorrow! Yea! Lonnie's Mom (Louise) has been in and out of the hospital a lot lately. Some pretty serious issues, just off the phone with Carol, and things seem better tonight. Please add her to your prayer list.

Hug and kiss those girls for me, and TRY to take a picture of them tomorrow. (Just a suggestion)
Love ya tons, LeeLee

Mom said...

PS: Glad Justin and Lucy are trying new foods! ha ha
But, she is way too young to be interested in cute boys! Lee

Shawna said...

Love Le Cruset! Nice work Justin! You know, sometimes if you're lucky, you can find some of their pieces at TJ Maxx at deep discount. I really did love Elizabeth's comment...makes sense to me. I like that you brought that issue up for discussion...makes me reevaluate my own thinking.

Gina said...

Love the Le Creuset! I just got a Lodge Logic dutch oven for Christmas but still have to break it in. I do have to ask though...I tried to make those same potatoes last night and they weren't nearly cooked enough to smash. How long did you cook yours? Mine were definitely fork tender but when I tried to smash, all they did was slide around and stay together!

Kate said...

hi. why do we keep playing phone tag? lets get it together tomorrow..i will have 5 hours in the car! :)
lovin the 2010 blog. good work.
my dinner tonight: jason's special breakfast burrito. i think i would have loved a pork encrusted soemthing or other.
leelee--they are still so big! love that show. better to see how far they've come at the end..huh?
anywho..tata for now. miss and love..
do you still have 0159? i think thats the last time we got to talk.

Mom said...

Oh Dada---where are you?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Lee

Anonymous said...

sounds like such delicious food. yum! it always makes me happy when little ones eat everything on their plates. it's the small stuff that makes us happy, right? have a wonderful evening!

mimi lam said...

I have the same love for yellow, my kitchen is in yellow with periwinkle accented. I like Elizabeth's comment, I only hope, and try to live right,as a human being, and my spirit, my soul will rest in peace when the departure comes..

Sharon said...

Anything and everything that cooks in a dutch oven comes out tasting 10X better. I just got one at the end of the summer and I LOVE it.

Kristin said...

I love your posts. My mom bought me a Le Creuset dutch oven that will be arriving shortly. I need all the recipe help I can get!

I also like your policy of the kids eating what the adults eat. I have boys relatively the same age as your girls, and I am so tired of making three separate meals!

Kate said...

J'adore Le Creuset! :)

MKH said...

hey cute pot!! love the yellow color! Your meal sounded awesome!!

Amy said...

My family bought me the 12 piece set of Le Crueset cookware for Christmas. I love it! We are currently stationed in France and live about an hour and a half from the factory store. Can't wait until their spring sales.

Loved you mom's comments. Especially the picture comment about the pot. Sounds like my mom :-)

Candice said...

Thank you so much for the link to Stacey Snacks! I tried the Salmon w/ Mustard Crumb Crust last night and it was fabulous! One of my 2010 goals is to try at least one new recipe per week and Stacey Snacks will be a huge help.
I love the glory shot of the Le Creuset! I received the red one for Christmas and am having a blast with it!
Thank you for all of your wonderful posts and ideas!