Friday, January 15, 2010



The girls and I went over to Mandy's this afternoon for a play date and ended up eating dinner over there. Thanks for a yummy, healthy meal Mandy! I ate brussel sprouts for the first time ever tonight and I even liked them. It was so nice to get out with friends for a while. We had to rush home, get through the shower, read books, sing songs and get the girls to bed. And they were still 20 minutes past their normal bedtime. Annie has moved to an 8 pm bedtime now. She went to bed at 7 forever until the past few weeks. She was just ready to stay up later now and she has been sleeping in later, which has been nice.

Finished our bedroom in my cleaning program and tomorrow will be the sitting area at the top of our stairs. I can't even begin to explain the amount of dust I have found in places that never get cleaned. I pulled out the bed side table in our bedroom today and holy dust!!!!! It totally grossed me out, but it is gone now. Thank goodness. Annie was very cooperative today while Lucy was at school. She has been doing so well lately. Not nearly as clingy and fussy. It has been very nice. Let's hope we can keep that trend up.

Have a great weekend!


Mom said...

Could I possibly be first??????????? LeeLee

Mom said...

Kell--good work with the dust bunnies!! Sounds like you gals had a great afternoon/evening. Good deal. I take it that all of Mandy's family are doing well.

Please, please come work on my closet! Actually, my problem is just that my closet is very little. Seriously. At any rate, I'm happy that you are staying on task!

Had a beautiful day. But think rain is moving in. YUK We do NOT need rain! Might have date night tomorrow and go to Up in the Air. Hope it's not too much of a chick flick for PaPa.

Sure do love and miss ya. LeeLee

How is Dada's wrist?? Able to go to work?? Get better, Dada. Sorry I had to BEAT you one more time! he he he he

Just ate a bowl of banana pudding the size of the Grand Canyon. And I have the nerve to wonder why my thighs are out of control.

Mom said...

Banana pudding ice cream. But homemade banana pudding that you and Caycee make sure sounds good.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a nice time with your friend...that's great. so happy that all is going well with your cleaning.

Sharon said...

I have never tried a brussel sprout before. You beat me to it!

MKH said...

keep up the good work!