Thursday, January 21, 2010



I am all caught up with editing sessions. Justin and I both had a few days of fighting a miserable cold or allergies, but I feel great again and finally got my past two sessions edited and to the clients. I still have so much I want to do for La La before the year gets back into full swing, but I think things are going to pick back up quickly, so I really need to get on it. I need a good graphic designer to help me develop a logo, but I am overwhelmed with the choices. Any suggestions out there? I really need branding advice.

I just don't have much to say today. I am off to watch Private Practice. Have a great night. My littlest stinker didn't want her picture made today, so she just has a foot on today's post.






Annie's pjs had a blowout tonight. She kept pointing at them and saying "Uh Oh!" These jammies have lasted a long time. Lucy wore them forever and now Annie has been wearing them for months. This is their last night. :(

Pretty good, huh?


Anonymous said...

first again are snoozing!


Ashley said...

Can't believe how well Lucy can write her name! Wow! My mom is a graphic designer- let me know if you want her info. She is in Kansas- but can do everything virtually. She would LOVE to do something for such a good friend!

Elizabeth said...

Hey, Taylor wore that exact outfit today, tights and all. Of course, minus the cute hairbow that Lucy is so great about wearing and Taylor won't tolerate.

Hope ya'll had a great night! I've really been loving the pictures of the girls lately.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the peekaboo piggie!! Too cute! And Lucy's!

As for the graphics, if you are just looking for logo work and not flash animated web stuff, I'd be happy to hep. Before real estate, I was a graphics girl and still do it on the side. Email me and I can send you some portfolio links.

Mom said...

Snoozing, smoozing!! I was just watching my shows, and when I would check, you guys hadn't posted. Loved the video of Annie, I just couldn't get the audio working, so have to get the book out and see what to do.

Lucy is looking way too grown up! Her hair is growing! And or course, Anners toe is just beautiful!!

Celebrating Myra's birthday tomorrow at ladies lunch. Hooray!

More later. Talk to you tomorrow. Love and kisses to all, LeeLee

PS--Dada--you didn't say how your wrist is doing. Any better?? Hope so.

Mom said...

PSS--of course Lucy writes her name well. I have 4 grandchildren--all genius'!!!!! Lee

KrisJ said...

I need to work on my photoshop skills.. you are amazing! When I add texture I havent figured out how to not cover the face.
Im excited to see what you do with La La, I am no help though I cant even figure out my own! I even hate the name I choose!

Norah said...

So cute! L has been writing her name too now. Love that little piggy toe!

seashy said...

What video is Lee talking about?

Heather said...

I wanted to thank you for your patience post the other day. I have a 2 1/2 year old and tonight she was dancing on my last nerve...but then I thought about your post, and how she is only 2 1/2 and what would be gained by yelling or getting upset--nothing. So I took a deep breath and just flowed with her mood. So, THANK YOU. I really appreciate it.

MKH said...

beautiful pics!! so so pretty of lucy. glad you are feeling better! I'm about the most uncreative person I know, so no suggestions on the logo!! I know it will be great though! oh and SO great that lucy can already write her name!!

Anonymous said...

how wonderful that Lucy can write her is so exciting! love the picture of Annie's little toe sticking out of her pjs...priceless.

Anonymous said...

Kelly - you have to check out Luxecetera! They are awesome! I've seen their work and I'm blown away every time. Plus, I think their asthetic is very similar to yours. I hope to be able to afford them soon. Seriously, check'em out:

Anonymous said...

Lucy is so beautiful! Cute photo of Annie's toe. Your photography is so amazing, Jenny