Thursday, January 07, 2010



Today I am thankful for our fireplace. I love it when it is really cold outside and we can have a fire. We can really only use it when Annie is sleeping because it scares me too much to have it going when she is awake. She is just too curious about everything and absolutely refuses to listen to the word no.

Lucy told me this afternoon that she wanted to take her nap in her "camphouse" aka her new Princess tent. I said that was fine as long as she actually took her nap. I figured I would have to move her, but she got right in there with her sleeping bag and books, read for a bit, and then went right to sleep. So cute.

I am off to watch the BCS Championship game. I am cheering for Bama!!

Lucy's favorite book at the moment is one that Justin gave her for Christmas - The Story of Ferdinand. It is so sweet and she already knows it by heart.



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Anonymous said...

At least she doesn't make you get in with her. Elizabeth always makes me sit in her tent or house. She is so bossy.

KrisJ said...

Thats awesome that she actually fell asleep in there! We are rooting for Alabama too.. I met Mark Ingram while I was in New York last month so I have to be a fan now right!!

Mom said...

Cute little princess!!! Was that Dada that was first??? I love that she will sleep in her sleeping bag and tent. Does Nanners like to get in there? Or is she allowed??

One has to feel badly for the Texas quarterback. Has really changed the playing of the game.

Our bedroom is SOO cold. Love and kisses to all, LeeLee

Ki said...

Very cute Lucy!!!

and LeeLee you keep missing the "First" award!! but I'm rooting for a strong comeback from you!!

Also, I'm kinda confused? Aren't you a Texan?? kinda surprised to find a Texan cheering on Bama. Not that we mind, just curious!!!

But most importantly, thanks for ALL your post thus far! you have done a fantastic job at posting even though you technically don't have to! It really is my little moment of happiness each and everyday!!!

Norah said...

I love that book!

Stacie said...

zoey and I love that book too- isn't just gorgeous! Another great one is the Blue Stone- it will break your heart but in a good way!

MKH said...

Too cute again!!! These r fun posts so far this year!!

Anonymous said...

how precious that she did fall asleep in her tent...and that you captured it. have a wonderful and warm weekend.

Trying Traditional said...

Ferdinand was one of my favorites, our oldest as well. I should dig it out for the twins!

I hear you on the toy clutter. We have a big extended family and a little tiny house. It gets very hard to try to figure out where to put everything, what to keep (because keeping it all is not an option), and how to politely ask for consumables or smaller items.

Olivia said...

Love that you cheered for Bama! Roll Tide!