Friday, January 29, 2010



Every night when both girls are in bed, I fall on our bed and breathe a deep breath and relish in the silence of the house. I love that moment of each day. The girls have really been so great lately, so our days have been lots of fun, but even in the easy times, the silence of the evening is still so heavenly.

Lucy didn't nap today, but she was okay until the very end of the day. She was a little more snappy with Annie, but overall she was fine. I was working in our room while she was supposed to be napping and I listened to her read herself about 20 books and sing herself about 100 songs. Then I heard her little feet heading my way. She popped into our room and says, "Momma, I didn't really nap today. But that's okay!"

She was such a chatterbox all day today. She actually told me all about her day at school, which is not the norm. She is normally very tight lipped about what happens at school. Then after her rest, she talked and talked and talked some more. When she gets like this, the most random things come out of her mouth. In the middle of her ramblings, she says this:

I really hope that John and Wy Wy can come and visit at my house one day.
Do you think their mom will ever let them? (I would answer her but she doesn't pause for one second)
I really hope that she will. Or I could go to their house, right mom?
Momma, do you know what I really hope for? (Again, no time for an answer from me)
I really hope that next year you will put a star on our Christmas tree. I really want a star on our tree.

Lee Lee has a star on her tree and obviously our tree topper just ain't cuttin it for Lucy. I certainly didn't know that it bothered her so much that a month after the tree was down she would totally randomly bring it up. We were not discussing anything Christmas related at any point. She went on to spout out anything that crossed her mind for the next 30 minutes. These conversations are my favorite when Justin is around, which he wasn't today. He just looks at me with this look of: Why do all girls talk so freakin much and what have you done to get her to talk this much already? Bwahahahahaha. He is in for it once Annie figures out the whole talking thing.

Annie has been doing so well lately. Her death cling to me has reduced drastically. She has been back to her happy little self. She has been trying very hardly to get more words out. I love hearing her work it out as she learns to say things.

It has been storming all day for two days now. It is really cold and dark outside. We got a VERY fun package in the mail that I want to show off to everyone, but I have to wait until I have some light to do that.

We all wore rain boots today.

Do you see Bruiser down there? He ALWAYS has an eye on this crazy girl.

Bath time is loads of fun with these two monkeys.




Lucy likes to "help" rinse Annie. She gets a great thrill out of dumping the water on her head.........

but Annie loves for Lucy to help with anything.

I cannot get this child to not drink the bath water. Yuck!



This is so funny!



Mom said...

There is just nothing but sheer joy in all of those photos! Love it. Love it. Love it.

We have a lot of sleet ice on the roads, yards, roofs, it's everywhere! And now it is sending down really big snow flakes. Seashy just sent pics of her house and car. They are covered, but look really pretty.

I don't car how much gagging you do. My vegetable soup/stew is great.

Enjoy your quiet time. Need to call Holly to see if the snow/ice has got them homebound, too! Love to all, LeeLee

Mom said...

That should be care--I know you would like my meal if you would just try it!!! Lee

ELMORE said...

the girls are getting so grown up! ak likes to drink the water too...yuck! your posts about church have been wonderful. glad yall are trying the contemporary service and i am happy we are in bible study again this semester.

Mom said...

Nothing like being 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! LeeLee

Erica said...

I LOVE that first photo! It's so cute to see them working together.

Duc drinks bath water. It's so icky, but he won't stop. Even if I take the cup away he will stick his face in the water and slurp. I have thought about drilling holes in his bath cup so the water drains to quickly to drink. That may have to be a project for Saturday!

Nicolle with two L's. said...

Let me first say that I think every picture you put up here is just exquisite. But for some reason, today's post is one of my faves!!!! It just shows more personality or something. (coming from the person who's never meet these stinkers.)


Beth said...

All cute pictures, but that first one is adorable!!

Tara said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures tonight! That first one is priceless! They are amazing. You have such a beautiful family!

Meredith Woodruff said...

Those rain boots look familiar;)!

Mom2J&I said...

love, love, love these pics!!!

Sarah said...

You always have the greatest bath pics! Our bathroom has horrible yellow light and I can't ever get the white balance right.

In the first pic, my favorite thing about it it just the hint of Lucy's belly button in the curve of her belly. Eeek! Makes me want to giggle!

It always amazes me that you can get the girls to look at you when they are playing so you can see their eyes. Hannah's so busy in the tub playing that the last place she wants to look at is her mama with that big camera in her face again.

Lynn said...

These pictures are so awesome! I feel like I can just hear their little squeals of delight :-)

Nicki said...

I love that you all have rain boots! So fun! You've taken lots of bath photos but these are my all time favorite. Such great captures! Your girls look so so happy.

Mom said...

Every girl needs a star topper! I love that she wants one! You can never go wrong with a great big star! And a tiara. Love a good tiara. XOXOXOXO Lee

I so agree. These pics are nothing but happiness!

Tell Lucy that John and WyWy had enough snow to sled around outside and down their driveway! BRRRRRRRR

MKH said...

love the last couple of posts!! such awesome pics and I just love the first one in the bath! actually, all of them are super amazing! glad that lucy loved gymnastics! anyway, great posts-so much fun!

Leah said...

Hi Kelly,

I have been following your blog for some time and I am just captured by the beauty of your pictures. God has really gifted you! Your daughters are precious and I love reading about your posts on adoption.

My husband and I will be welcoming a little blessing in July and I would really like to take on the 365 challenge. My problem/dilemma is I have NO photography experience and I hardly own a camera. Gasp! Do you have advice on a good, easy to use, quick snap camera? I am not expecting myself to have the professional quality, but would love to get a good camera. Advice? Thanks a million!

Kelly said...

Leah - I would get the basic model of the Nikon dSLR. I think now it is the D3000, but I am not 100% positive. You will get better pictures with an SLR and should you decide you want to learn more, you can. It will be very easy to learn. I learned a ton on a Nikon D40, but I don't think they make those any more. Congrats to you and best of luck with the camera. You won't be sad you did it!