Wednesday, January 20, 2010




First, I am HIGHLY annoyed right now because I wrote a long blog post that I really don't want to re-write. They are never the same and I have never just completely had a post disappear - draft and everything. Ridiculous. I will try and recall what I wrote.

Today I visited the Montessori school that we will most likely put Lucy in next year. I loved it, I see her loving it, and I see her really thriving in the environment. It was so calm there. Lucy loves calm. I really do think she would blossom in such a setting. It was so interesting to sit in the classroom and observe. Again, I really liked it and think it is a good fit for her.

Tonight for dinner we had halibut, polenta, carrots and salad. The girls had avocado with theirs and they both ate SO well. I am so impressed with them and their eating since we have been working on this. Justin, not such a good eater tonight. I knew fish was pushing it, but he was a baby about it.

Since I missed church for so long because I felt like Annie was too insecure to leave in the nursery, I am going back and downloading a lot of the sermons from iTunes. Our church does a podcast of both the contemporary and the traditional service, so I can go back and hear all of the sermons that I missed. How cool is that? I would love to share the name of our church so that you guys could listen if you wanted to, but I just don't feel comfortable sharing that info with so many people reading that I don't know. I listened to one from October on patience, since this is a HUGE struggle for me. Here is my thought for the day that I took from the sermon.

When have to wait at a restaurant for a long time to be seated, we don't take control of the situation by going to the kitchen and making ourselves something to eat because we are hungry and don't want to wait any longer. When we have to wait at the dentist office way past our appointment time, we don't take control of the situation by going on back, getting out the drill, and going to work on our mouths. Obviously, it would be ridiculous to act in such a way simply because we were being impatient with having to wait. So why is it so easy to be impatient with God when He doesn't answer our prayer requests immediately with the answer that we want to hear? I have lots of areas in my life that I pray consistently about. When I don't get an instant response, the natural thing for me to do is try and take control myself and do things the way that I see fit, which is not the same way that God sees fit. God answers our prayers with one of three answers - yes, no, or wait. I don't do too well with wait. I am working on that. My life would be a lot simpler if I would just let go, and be patient to see God's plan unfold.

Have a great night!








Anonymous said...

back on top leelee!!!


Mom said...

Dada--you rascally rabbit, you! Again, insider information!

Today's pics are very striking. Love them!

Having a thunder/rain storm as we speak. I really don't know what has kept our house from sliding back into the woods. The yard is in terrible shape. Have my work cut out for me this spring.

Going to watch a little of the Australian Open and then hit the hay. Busy day tomorrow!

Love and kisses to all. Great job on all the meal planning/cooking, etc. LeeLee

Mom said...

PS--being number 2 ain't that bad! Lee

Finished watching Biggest Loser. I can cry right along with the best of em.

Sorry you lost your post. I've done that on numerous occasions. Mostly because I'm technology challenged. What's your story???

Sarah said...

We LOVE Montessori! Tae has been going for three years and it is amazing.

Norah said...

Love your images in this post. Beautiful.

Kate said...

Patience. Why does Guns N Roses keep playing in my head?! I certainly could use a little more patience towards God. With our adoption, I feel like I keep getting in the wrong grocery line--waiting, waiting, waiting...I think God's watch is slow. Or is mine too fast?

Our church podcasts too and I love that I can go back and listen to my favorites.

Lisa said...

I love the dentist analogy. I'll have to try to remind myself of that since I can be so impatient! Thanks for sharing.

Wanda said...

Great post. Lots of food for thought. Love your photos here.

Anonymous said...

The pictures with the textures look great! I haven't really seen you use them before- quite nice.
It's funny b/c we were talking about patience last night. You know, patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit, so if you strive to be more Christ-like, it's really not optional. I think it's something that comes with practice. I still need to do my share of practice, don't get me wrong!

Ronja said...

I love your texture pictures, and also love that you still blog every day! And I really enjoyed your post on religion, which I just read. I am christian, but feel that church is lived really different here in Germany. I do believe in God and Jesus, but do not go to church regularly. Last time I went was at 5p.m. on New Years eve, and I really loved that sermon. It gave me strength for the new year to come. Reading your posts and that you share your struggles is really helpful and important. So thank you!

Erin said...

beautiful pictures today! my 3 yr old goes to montessori and we really like it. it's amazing some of the things they learn! i'm sure it's not a fit for everyone but it works for us! i'm curious if your school offers part time or do all the kids go 5 days a week? the reason i ask is that my daughter goes only 3 days a week but they would like for her to go 5 - wasn't sure if that was a montessori thing or just the school. almost all the kids in her class go 5 days.

Kate said...

ring ring...hello? hi annie! loved your mom's pics today! :)

Elizabeth said...

Love what you did with those top pictures! Beautiful!

Heather said...

before you decide on Montessori check out your nearest Waldorf school- it's awesome! :)

Ginger said...

We ove our Montessori school. Both my older daughters went for 3 year through kindergarten. It was great for them. My baby, Ella, (same age as Lucy) started this year. She loves it. Like you said it is calm and the learning is done in a way that seems like play to kids. Love it.