Wednesday, January 27, 2010



I rushed Lucy outside this afternoon when the sun peaked out for just a second because it is supposed to get really yucky around here the next few days. Boo. We are apparently going back to really cold and storming. I love the light in these. Pretty stuff and it makes me long for spring weather when the sun will be out all of the time.

I made a roast in the Le Crueset dutch oven today that was DELISH! And I think I should make a note of Annie's eating. The child has turned into the most ravenous carnivore that I have ever seen. She wants almost nothing but meat. It is totally bizarre to me, but the child will eat 4 or 5 helpings (big helpings) of whatever the meat is we are having for dinner. She will flip out in her highchair until we bring her more. She loves chicken, pork, beef, fish, turkey. Anything. I really need to do a post on how Lucy and Annie are polar opposites in literally every possible way. Lucy has almost always been a self made vegetarian. Lately she has changed on this a little, but for the most part she could easily do without meat.

I am not feeling the blog tonight, so that is about it.



Mom said...

Hi guys! Maybe I could shed a few pounds if I'd go the vegetarian route with the Goose!

House is clean, and all ready for bad weather. Boo.
Been scouring around for fun little things that we no longer need, as they need some more prizes for Bingo at Aldersgate tomorrow. Found a few items, but am sure there is a ton more that have been stashed in hiding places.

So happy for you and all your cooking. Keep up the good work. I like to cook tons more when it's cold outside. Makes the house smell good, and seems more cozy!

Off to watch the Australian Open. Love me some tennis! Love and kisses to all, LeeLee

PS--love all of us out there looking for you some crushed velvet. Warms the old heart!

Olivia said...

Love the top photo! You really captured Lucy in some brilliant light!

Mom said...

Also, the pics of Lucy today are great. Not as funny as Annie in her one piece outfit from Seashy with the big bib, but, stunning none the less.

Hi to Holly Dolly, Mamie, and Seashy if you are out there in blog land. XOXOXOXOXO Lee

God's Girl said...

Your sweet girl is absolutely precious!

We are just getting ready to start the process of adopting again from Russia for our second child. I love hearing about children that have been brought to their forever families.

Blessings to you,


Sharon said...

Great light! What a difference from what you used to say about Annie and eating. I'm with Lucy, Veg all the way! : )

Anonymous said...

those pictures look wonderful! so happy to hear that you have a little precious with a big appetite.

Kristi said...

I adore that first picture!

And as the mother of two self-proclaimed vegetarians I am in serious envy of your little carnivore. I just can't even imagine.