Monday, January 25, 2010


She takes my breath away. Every day. Over and over. They both do.

I love Mondays because it is my Bible study morning and it just gets my week started in the right direction. I feel like I get focused and refreshed every Monday morning that I make it to this group of Moms. This semester, we are studying the book of James. As I said yesterday, I have not spent a lot of time studying the Bible, so I am happy we are tackling a book that I feel like I can really apply to my life. James is a really short book of the Bible, so we are breaking it down in really small segments each week. This week we looked at James 1:1-18. The verses talk about facing trials in life and turning to God to get you through them without doubting Him. This is huge for me. Whenever I hear of something really horrific happening to people, I have found myself doubting God and what in the world He is doing. But what I need to be doing is turning into Him and His love to find peace and wisdom.

This point was really amplified when one of the moms in the group spoke out about going through something that, as a mother, I can't even begin to imagine - the loss of a child. Remember when I mentioned before Christmas about the infant son of one of the Bible study's mom being in the hospital? Well, that sweet baby boy was taken to heaven to be with Christ shortly after Christmas. And his mom was back at Bible study today with her precious infant daughter (the little baby's twin sister). And as we all discussed going through trials in life and how we have handled it, I think the whole room was wondering what she must be thinking. And then she opened up to a room of 55 women and spoke of how this was was the most awful thing that she could have ever imagined happening but how through it all, she has found herself in the deepest relationship with Christ that she has ever had. And let me just tell you, she and her family already had a remarkable faith, one that I admire and aspire to be like. But now, she told us how she finds herself clinging to God to get her through every single minute of the day. And she said that she is now so thankful for things that she has never even thought about in the past - like getting some sleep at night or having the mental strength to just walk through the door into Bible study. Oh how I hope to have faith like hers one day.

I had three people in mind as I was in that class this morning. The mom I just spoke about, a dear friend of mine who lost her baby in the 38th week of pregnancy this past summer (today that little girl would have been 7 months old), and the husband of Amy Wenzel, who is the photographer who put on the workshop that I went on this past September - her husband's name is David Wenzel. Before I get started on David, Amy just posted on her blog, which I linked to above, her spring workshop dates. If you are looking for a workshop to attend, PLEASE check her out. She is amazing. Beyond amazing and she teaches you everything that she possibly can in a few days with her. My photography changed after that workshop. I learned so much.

Anyway, back to her husband, David, who I got to meet at the workshop. Last year he was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. After extensive research and prayer, David and Amy decided that the best way to treat his cancer was through alternative medicine. I beg you to go and read his blog that I linked to above. David and Amy have an amazing relationship with Christ. David is fully confident that God has lead him to the path that he is on with his treatment. He also says that the brain cancer has changed his relationship with God so much for the better that he wouldn't go back to life before the cancer. He would never choose to have inoperable brain cancer, but because of it, his faith has become so much more rich. I couldn't get him out of my mind this morning during our discussion about this passage in James. God is very proud of David, Amy, and the two moms that I have mentioned and all they are doing with their lives. They inspire me in more ways than I will ever be able to explain. My faith has forever changed because of people like I have mentioned in this post.

I know my blog has turned into me talking a lot about faith lately. Honestly, it is kind of strange for me because I have never talked so much about it publicly before now. I just have felt like writing down what I am actually feeling right now. I am kind of documenting the growth that I am doing in my relationship with Christ. I really feeling like it is changing so much for the better and I kind of want to shout it from the mountain tops. So, that is what is going on with me at the moment.


This scene right here, ALWAYS equals trouble.

There is no chance she is getting into something she is supposed to be. And can I just say it again, this girl is TROUBLE!


Mom said...

This sweet baby is NOT trouble! She is a doll baby, right along with her sister!

You really know some inspirational people. What fine examples to be able to learn from.

My Kansas Wyatt met up with a coffee table last night and his grandma Carol got to hold him for seven stitches. From the background noise when I visited with her tonight, you would never have known any accident had occurred!

I have located and saved all my new videos on my phone. They were actually in a couple of places, so I need to figure it all out so that I don't run out of room for more!

Have been watching my KU Jayhawks. They are awesome! Have to go back to my roots since the razorbacks are struggling so badly. ugh

Love and kisses to all, LeeLee

Amber Herlocker said...

Thank you for sharing your faith! It is encouraging.

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your faith with really is inspiring. love those little feet getting into trouble. precious.

Missy and Kevin said...

After reading your blog tonite, I had to say that I seem to be walking the same path in my faith. I have had two sons leave for Afghanistan and Iraq and my faith was tested and many questions asked. But, I read a book, "Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore and it has changed my life. I know now that I can get through whatever God puts before me in my life and I can do it with grace, faith for a better tomorrow and hope. It is a must read for you after reading your post. I hope you continue this new journey with the same optimism that you have now. We know Satan will put things in our way to make us doubt and we have to be armed with the belief that with God we can make it through. I am so sorry for rambling on but my love for this book is amazing and I hope that you choose to read it and pass the word along. God bless you and your family. I have read your blog since before little Annie was welcomed home. I hope for many more blessings in your life!

Emma said...


I have enjoyed reading your blog for a couple years now, starting with Lucy, followed by your adoption of Annie, and then your 365 posts. I love your photography. Your girls are beautiful and it is so much fun to see their personalities come to life through your pictures. I also love reading about your growth in grace. I feel like I am on a similar journey. It is difficult to lean on the Lord in everything especially as it is so counter-cultural. But when I find myself lifting things up in prayer I have such a great sense of comfort and peace, so much more than if I am constantly trying to worry about things or fix them myself. I always find it amazing to listen to people who have been through losing a loved one, especially children, and hear about and see their reliance on Christ. I often wonder if I could be that strong, if my faith is that strong. I know in my heart though that the Lord will never leave me or forsake me and that is the best comfort I know.

Thank you for your openness.

The Wades said...

Thank you, thank you for sharing your thoughts as your Faith grows! Whether you realize it or not, I think God is speaking through you and reaching other people. I know I love reading your posts! I feel like I am traveling a similar road in seeking Christ and I hope both of us find the relationship with the Lord we are looking for :)God Bless!

MKH said...

Just caught up on the past couple of posts and they were indeed awesome. Love how you are studying the bible-something I've been shy about doing. The pics of the girls on the bed reading are stunning. Thanks for sharing about your growing relationship with Christ.

Michelle said...

Again, I love that you are sharing your growth with all of us. I have always been so quiet about my faith and relationship with God but I'm trying to get away from that. As my pastor said, "why is it we can cheer about a football game compassionately but when it comes to our Lord and Savior it's a private thing? It won't be quiet in heaven!" So true!!! I can see you touching many people through your blog. You're a light so shine bright!!! :)

Erin said...

I saw Missy's comment and I had to comment because I literally just finished reading the book about 30 minutes ago. It's a must read. It's a true story based out of DFW. One of the authors spoke at our curch and it's a really an amazing story.

Anonymous said...

I heart your blog and your openness! I stop by about once a week and I am always inspired when I do. After catching up on the last week of posts I am ready to clean out my pantry and start cooking healthy  I even ordered the book you recommended.

My husband and I lost a son we were trying to adopt while we were in the VN adoption process. He passed away due to pneumonia when we were waiting on final approval to travel. In the moment, I thought I would never recover. Now I know that the Lord was working through that suffering and has us where we are (physically and spiritually) because of everything we went through. And now I can praise the Lord for opening my eyes to how many children are hurting and in need in our world. I believe it is because of everything we went through that my husband and I are in full time ministry working with kids in need. My husband was an attorney and I was a full-time mom…so our life is now completely different! And I rejoice in the Lord for it!

Okay, sorry to write a book…it is just amazing to see how the Lord uses pain and suffering so much in the lives of those who love Him.

Thank you for being so inspiring!