Saturday, January 23, 2010



I FINALLY, after talking about it forever, got both girls signed up for gymnastics today. I am interested to see how it goes. They go at the same time, but Annie will be in a mommy and me class and Lucy will be in the 3/4 year old class. I hope that Lucy will give it a chance because I have a feeling she will be a little hesitant at first. She is such a naturally athletic child, that I think she will be great at whatever she decides she likes. She is flexible like no one I have ever seen, so maybe it will be dance or gymnastics. We'll see. I have held her out of most things until now because I wanted her to gain self confidence before she was put in a situation that would likely make her uncomfortable. I guess we will soon see if she is ready!

Our neighbors grilled such a yummy dinner tonight. They have a little girl around Annie's age and we all had a really fun time. It was such a nice evening. Justin got home a few hours earlier than originally planned, which was lucky for us!

I got second place this week at I Heart Faces. I am really excited about that because the guest judge, Audrey Woulard, is one of my favorite children's photographers. She shoots the Pottery Barn Kids magazines!! The picture that got first place is really awesome.



Mom said...

Yea for your picture. That's neat. And special.
ha ha ha ha

Glad Dada got home early and that a fun evening was had by all!

The rain storm finally blew through. Was a mess, but hope we are done for a while.

Have a good evening!! Hope you kissed those girls for me. Love and kisses, LeeLee

Anonymous said...

Oh please don't talk about grilling. We're still buried under two feet of snow here.
I will be looking to see how gymnastics go... I have been wanting to sign Elizabeth up, but feel the same way about the 'build up the confidence thing'.

KrisJ said...

YEAH!! That is awesome girl!! I love that photo! I cant wait to hear how gym goes! I just signed Malia and I up for mommy and me dance!

Kate said...

high five for the pic! that's awesome! and i can't wait to hear about the classes!!! i think they will LOVE them!

Erica said...


Emily said...

congrats. audrey is a great photograper!

Tara C. said...

Congrats on your photo--i love seeing your pictures. Next time you are in Nashville i would love to get a shoot scheduled with my crew! I know i am getting in on this conversation late but i also struggle with the same thoughts about why bad things happen to innocent people. i recently read "why a good God allows bad things to happen" by Mark Tabb, I got it at the Vineyard book store. i can't really say i agree with all he had to say, but it did cause me to think about things in a different view. Just thought you might like to read it!

Tara C.

Elizabeth said...

That is fantastic Kelly!

Chandra said...

Yay! I'm so thrilled the photo came in second. Congrats!