Friday, January 08, 2010



Today I am thankful for breakfast with Mandy and Annie this morning. I love breakfast dates. Annie was so good and sweet. She loves her some Mandy snuggle time. And I am pretty sure Mandy enjoys it, too. I get to go out for Mandy's girls night birthday party tomorrow night. Should be all kinds of fun.

After breakfast, Annie and I ran a few errands and then it was time to pick up Lucy at school. I am working on putting some stuff on Craig's list to sell. I have never done this before, so hopefully I can unload a few of the bigger things we want to get rid of. Was anyone else disgusted by how much junk they have after Christmas? Justin and I loaded up 4 giant yard trash bags full of toys that don't get played with or that have been outgrown. This was just so we had room to put all of the new toys in the play area. It really is too much. I have this overwhelming feeling to give and give and give to the girls but it is just too much. They don't need all of that stuff. Now that some of it is cleared out, they can actually get in there and play and enjoy the toys that they do love to play with. When it warms up, I plan on having a giant garage sale and then giving the rest away. I would like it to get warm soon because I can't deal with all of our junk much longer.

Justin and I are about to watch (500) Days of Summer. I have been wanting to see it, so hopefully we will like it.

Lucy loves to serve Annie bath water tea. Ick.




Kate said...

FIRST! Sorry...couldn't help myself! Send up your old baby clothes. I'll gladly but them from you.

I love the first photo of Annie!

Kate said...

BUY them from excited to be first.... :)

Mom said...

OK, I'll be next in line! I love the smiles and bright eyes on those girls! Sounds like a fun day--shout out to Mandy! You gals have fun tomorrow. We are still freezing here, but had a fun day out with Myra and Paula. Dad went to see Avatar, and he did like it.

Congrats on the cleaning out. Come work on some closets and drawers around here! Love and miss ya, LeeLee

melissa said...

so glad you are still posting a lot, i understand not everyday but we need our annie and lucy fix! i did the spring cleaning right after christmas too!!! too much stuff...

Anonymous said...

It was without a doubt the highlight of my day to have breakfast with you two! Annie is so scrumptious and of course you know how much it pleases me that she snuggled with me so much.

You are doing a completely phenomenal job with both your girls. Truly.

6:45. BE READY. For ONCE just be on time OK?

Love, M

Laura said...

I felt the exact same way when we moved two months ago. I was actually pretty disgusted by how much stuff my kids had. I got rid of over half of it and the sheer volume of toys they have is still overwhelming (but much more manageable now). I kept myself and my family under control at Christmas - mostly. I'm now very committed to not spoiling my kids, as I was CLEARLY doing just that without realizing it. And the fact of the matter is that by most standards, they're still probably spoiled, so what was happening before was just insane. (BTW, I'm NOT implying anything about you! This is my thing - and obviously a touchy one!!!!)

I sold on Craig's for the first time when we moved. It was crazy! I sold the "big" stuff (things I sold for at least a few hundred dollars each like a fridge, those giant garage steel cabinets, etc.) and donated the other things we didn't want or need that were worth less. The first time, I listed about 15 items and they were gone within 24 hours. I either priced things too low or what I was selling was in demand. :) I couldn't take the ads down quickly enough and some people were so disappointed that whatever they were calling about was gone that I actually felt bad. Same thing happened again with the second "round" of stuff I sold before we moved. My phone wouldn't stop ringing both times. It was a little weird. After we moved here, I sold a washer and dryer that came with the house b/c I liked ours better. Those took the longest to sell b/c there are sooo many on Craig's, but I still sold both for my asking price within two weeks.

Anyway, I'm now a Craig's addict! I bought our patio furniture on Craig's and it was BRAND NEW. I bought $2400 worth of furniture for a third of the price. Next time I need something "big," I'll check Craig's first. I also bought one set of furniture initially, got it home, and changed my mind. I listed it for much more than I paid b/c I assumed people would bargain it back down, but they didn't. Five different people wanted it within an hour of listing it and four were disappointed when the first came for it. I still feel bad!

Ed and I are in the middle of 500 days of Summer right now!

And I might just have to fight Kate for the girls' clothes. :)

Nora said...

I know exactly what you mean about having too much! We also cleared out a TON of toys, etc; yet, I still feel like we could get rid of way more. Crazy.

Have you seen the show "Hoarders?" I was seriously concerned that our family needed a little hoarder intervention! :)

Erica said...

Duc loves to drink the nasty bath water. If I took the water cup away he just puts his face in it and slurps. Ewww.

I'm so glad you are still posting frequently. I enjoy the journey.

Lynn said...

That is one of my favorite Annie pics ever! Pretty eye lashes! You take the best bath time photos. I am making a mental note for the future when I have kids that I can get lots of smiley shots when they are having fun in the tub!

Anonymous said...

these pics are wonderful! your girls always look happy :)

Seashy said...

if you sell anything "big" on Craig's list, price it $50-100 higher - EVERYONE will offer lower. When I sold Holly's couch, my phone rang within 15 minutes of posting! So crazy.

Love and miss you