Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Today I am thankful for the return of American Idol!!! Woot woot. So pumped it is back! Love, love, love it and can't wait until we get to the part with Ellen. I don't think that show will make it without Simon. Do you?

Today has been nonstop. Annie had therapy early this morning. As soon as that was done, I started deep cleaning our kitchen. I decided yesterday that I was going to deep clean each room in the house one day at a time. I have just felt like the house is dirty because well, it has been dirty. So I scrubbed the appliances, every cabinet and drawer, dusted the blinds, washed the base boards, dusted, mopped, and organized. It was a TON of work, but I feel very good about having it done. I chose the kitchen first because I knew it would be one of the most difficult rooms. My closet will be a ton of work, too. But tomorrow I am going to do the dining room. I am moving room to room down the house.

We met with a real estate agent this afternoon. We took our house off of the market, but plan to put it back on soon. Our previous agent was doing NOTHING to get people in here. And things are selling in our neighborhood, so it is not just a dead market. We just haven't had our house marketed at all. We really hope to sell it, so say a little prayer for us!

I am off to finish AI and then go watch Biggest Loser. Fun times.


Even Annie got sucked into AI!

She was being tortured!


Anonymous said...

first leelee


Mom said...

Dada--you rascal! I didn't think a post was forthcoming due to the I heart thing! I was tricked! I love how happy Annie is when you torture her!! And Miss Lucy Goose looks pretty happy too!

I am not watching AI until you tell me that they are down to just a few. I am really into Biggest Loser and wish they would take me on for littlest loser so that my jeans would feel better. ugh

I cleaned out my dresser--had some undies that needed pitched years ago, t shirts, too. So, that is much better. I was inspired by you! Played tennis tonight, and it was way too cold in there. Was fun, tho. Tomorrow, Bible Study followed by the ever popular wet work day. Feel free to come help!

Love and kisses to all of you--LeeLee

Mom said...

Kell--if you would at least give me a heads up I could beat dada. Come on here, throw your mom a bone!

Anonymous said...

i just have to say that your mom's comments always make me smile. thanks mom! the girls looks so happy. have a great night.

KrisJ said...

I deep cleaned my kitchen yesterday.. feels so much better right!! Love AI and Im excited for Ellen too.. I agree I think it will be over with Simon gone though. Good luck on the house, we have to put ours up in a couple months and get rid of our renters.. not looking foreward to that!

mimi lam said...

What a sweet, fun times between Annie and her Dada pictures, and Lele's comments cracked me up.

MKH said...

cute!! love idol too!