Monday, January 18, 2010



Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the comments in the past few posts. Religion is such a personal thing for every person, that it can be difficult to talk about in a way that isn't offensive or pushy. I have often had a hard time clearly expressing what it is that I want to say. I actually have a few other questions for my pastor that I have emailed him and hope to get even more clarification on soon.

Whenever I find a website or book that I think is really helpful or useful, I like to share it. Today my friend Emily shared a recipe blog that I am now officially obsessed with. The site is Stacey Snacks. I planned our entire week's menu from this blog today and tonight I made the Roast Chicken with Orange Glaze - the very first recipe that pulls up and I made the green beans with shallots and walnuts. It was so yummy. Both girls ate SO well - Annie ate as much chicken as Justin did and Lucy (with a little pushing) even ate green beans!! This is huge for her. Both recipes were so easy and so delicious. Check out this blog if you are looking for some great new recipes. I love to cook, but Justin is kind of picky and I have a hard time finding recipes that sound good and are not too complicated. I love to read through cookbooks, but I get overwhelmed by just how many there are out there. So I LOVE a recipe/cooking blog. If you know of any other great ones, please share. I obviously love The Pioneer Woman, but I don't know many others.

The girls and I went to play group this morning. It wore them out, so they were ready for naps when we got home. I planned our menu and then went to Central Market for the goods. I love when I have a plan at the store and don't just wander around filling the cart with crap that we shouldn't eat. It didn't take me long at all to prepare the chicken and get it in the oven. Both girls went to bed pretty early tonight, so Justin and I have just been enjoying some quiet time.

Nana - Lucy danced around in her ballet shoes all evening. So cute. I knew she would love them.


Anonymous said...

Do you know about Smitten Kitchen? That's my favorite food blog. You have to try the brownie roll out cookies.

Lynn said...

I love the ballet shoes! what an adorable picture--I love how Lucy poses down to her toesies! I can't wait to check out the food blog, I am obsessed with cooking and cookbooks but there are so many recipes online I try not to spend too much money on cookbooks any more.

Mom said...

Menus planned out for the week???? Impressive!
LOVE the ballet shoes, Nana! And obviously, so does the Goose! I love cookbooks, too, but I guess I'll have to get up to date and check out your websites. Papa treated me to US Pizza tonight. Just salad for me, but it was delicious. I'm trying to get serious about my thighs leaving town.

Got lots of little things done around here today, and tonight I've been trying to figure out how to get my rebates back from the new cell phones. I will persevere, I will get my money back. hopefully

Hugs and kisses to all, love ya, LeeLee

Love the pic you picked out for family week.

Shay said...

Kelly...thanks for sharing the recipe website, I Can't wait to check it out! And I LOVE the ballet shoes. I have been reading a book that I think you will love, if you haven't already read it. It's called The Shack by Wm. Paul Young. Especially after reading your post from yesterday. It's fiction but it is AMAZING. The website is

Anonymous said...

those feet look adorable in ballet shoes! thanks for the food blog...i am always looking for new and easy recipes. have a great night.

Min/El said...

I found through Pioneer Woman and I've found a ton of recipes on it...way too many of them desserts! Lol!

Norah said...

My mom bought L ballet shoes last school year when M tried out ballet. She still loves them! Doesn't it feel so good when you prepare your meal and know exactly what you are having for dinner?

Ray, Tammy, Josiah and Quentin said...

The mother load of all food sites is foodgawker.It's like food porn. You see something you like, and you click the picture and it takes you to that person's site.
It's updated pretty frequently. Be careful. You can spend hours on it.:-)

Dawn said...

Awesome website Kelly!!! Please share more when you find them!

Jason and Erin said...
You can base your recipes on your preferences, and what you have in the pantry!

Jenny said...

and always go to the for something you might want to roast or a certain type of pasta etc.

I have been meal planning for 6 months now (god I can't believe that long) and I can't live without it now. Although I plan 1 month of meals and change it up a bit as time goes by.

good luck with it.

Stacey Snacks said...

Thanks for the nice blurb about Stacey Snacks!
I am so happy when people actually try my recipes and they like them!


MKH said...

glad you had a nice anniversary and I really enjoyed yesterday's post about some of your faith questions. very interesting and I really appreciated your writing. and of course I love the pics!