Monday, July 27, 2009


I love this picture.
Lucy 208/365


Annie 208/365

Today I am thankful for Lucy and Justin's special little date today. Justin wanted to do something special for Lucy for her birthday that was just for the two of them. So, he took her to the mall today and let her run wild, pick out a cookie, and make a Build a Bear of her choice. She ended up choosing a black bear and she named her Nala. She is quite happy with her choice. Nala came home dressed in a red and white dress - I couldn't have chosen a better outfit myself. She ended up deciding that all of her Build a Bear animals (Umba the Monkey, Sasha the Elephant, and Nala the Bear) needed to not wear their fancy clothes and sleep with her tonight. She had them all lined up on her bed. It has been a birthday tradition to build an animal, and as long as she thinks it is fun, we are going to continue it because she gets such a thrill out of it. Up until today, she has called Build a Bear stores "Sasha's first home." Isn't that cute?!?

I have to brag on Lucy for just a minute. She is a puzzle putting together master. I know I have mentioned this before, but she keeps proving it to me and surprising me by her skills. Justin and she also picked out a puzzle today. I LOVE the Melissa & Doug floor puzzles. She has one that she has been putting together on her own for a while now - it is 24 pieces. Today she picked out one that is the same size but 48 pieces. I thought for sure that it would be challenging to her since the pieces were smaller and there were so many more. Nope. She put the entire puzzle together ON HER OWN in about 15 minutes. I am highly impressed by this. Maybe it is normal, but it seems really cool to me. She can pick up a piece, study it, and go straight to where it belongs and put it in. She got several puzzles for her birthday and she has already mastered them all and it isn't even her birthday yet!!

So Annie is officially taking some serious steps. She took 6 controlled, balanced steps in a row today. It was awesome!! Justin caught her taking some good steps on video today, so enjoy!




Mom said...

I can't think of another better gift than some one on one time with Dada!!! Yea you, Justin! Looks like the date was highly successful. And way to go on the walking, Anners!! Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Mom said...

Oh yow, the pics are awesome. Lee

I love videos!

Emily said...

What a fun day Lucy and her daddy had today!! I am SO impressed with her puzzle skills! Hannah has the 24 piece princess puzzle and I usually end up doing it all by myself b/c it's too hard for Hannah! Go Lucy! And way to go Annie!! She's going to be walking all over the place so soon!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Annie!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and also to Lucy... aka puzzle master!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally impressed by Lucy's puzzle skills - that is fantastic!

And sweet Annie - look at her go......she'll be running and jumping in no time.


Ashley said...

Go Annie... Woo Hoo! How very exciting! And no... those puzzle skills are not normal at all! Molly has no interest in "real" puzzles- just the ones that fit into a hole. That is awesome! Supposedly that means she'll be good at math and science. I'm afraid poor Molly may take after me in that department....!

jilljohnandhope said...

No, putting together 48 piece puzzles at the age of almost 3 is NOT normal. At 4 and 1/2 there is no way Hope could do that. And, go Annie go! Noah has taken a couple steps here and there, but this weekend he just got up and decided he could do it. So fun! The first picture is awesome!

Nicki said...

Noah & addy both do the B-A-B tradition and we LOVE it. It's a great one.

I'm so proud of your smart smart girl. It is definitely not "normal" and she is such a smart analytical girl. Addy likes puzzles but nothing like that.

And Annie! A toddler! Sniff. I know you have been waiting on this but really it feels like, to me, she's still a tiny baby and should not be walking yet!

Terynn said...

Well, others have already weighed in on this, but developmentally, Lucy's puzzle skills are above normal. Quite a bit above the norm, in my opinion.

And is it possible that I hear the OTs directives coming out in the Annie video? Hand, Up, etc?

Annie certainly has heard them before and knows exactly what she is to do! Adorable. She is a delight!

mam said...

Wow, that puzzle mastery is amazing; I can't even do puzzles that fast. And Annie's walking is awesome, but her scoot! My gosh, that's hilarious and SO FAST!

mimi lam said...

Happy birthday Lucy, somehow my comment on the last post did not come through, I am impressed with Lucy's puzzle skill, it probably takes me 3hrs to do 48 pieces. And, a big applaude for little Annie, she is probably ready to run in 2 weeks. Good idea about Daddy date for birthday, she will always remember this special date.

Lane Olson said...

I am impressed by Lucy! Mine would never sit still long enough to do that...

Anonymous said...

Love that first picture. Love. It.

I totally get sucked in by Build a Bear. It's ridiculous, the kids have a zillion stuffed guys, but there's something about that place...

Way to go Annie on the walking!!

metaphase said...

Great photos, and congrats on the steps, Annie!
I don't know if that puzzle thing is normal, but Ava is almost the exact same age as Lucy (they're like a week apart) and she is no where near being able to put together a 48 piece puzzle. Maybe 'cause I hate puzzles myself I didn't introduce them to her very early, but Ava has to have help putting together those 24 pieces ones. She gets very impatient (I think I know where she gets that!). Maybe Lucy is going to be a dentist or something else that takes being able to see spatial relationships!

KrisJ said...

OMG your B&W's are always amazing!! It is NOT normal for her to be so good at puzzles!! It took my daughter until she was 4 to really get them so that is awesome!!!! And WOOHOO Annie!

Susan said...

Oh, my goodness! I have so much to comment on. First of all, that first photo of Lucy is fantastic. It could totally be part of a children's clothing catalog. (Something like Chasing Fire*flies maybe.)

Second, Justin rocks! How sweet is he to do something so special with his daughter for her birthday?! (You're not so bad either, my friend.)

And the puzzle stuff? I agree with everyone else in that Lucy is way ahead of schedule with that. Petunia is just now becoming interested in putting jigsaw puzzles together. I have some floor puzzles stashed away, but haven't given them to her yet. Maybe soon...

And last but not least, I'm so impressed with Annie's new skill. She's made such great strides (pun intended) over the past few months. I love hearing about and seeing her successes. Hugs to you all!

Mom2J&I said...

No, her puzzle skills are not normal! SHe is amazing! So smart!! Isabel cares nothing about puzzles and Jackson is pretty good but not that good! ;)
And hooray for Miss Annie! Walking can be so exciting. Such a milestone.
Your pics today are extra beautiful!

Anonymous said...