Thursday, July 09, 2009


Annie 189/365

Lucy 189/365

Today I am thankful for Justin's dad, Andy/Grandy. Today is his birthday! Happy Birthday Grandy! We are so glad you guys get to be with Justin tonight. Hope you have a wonderful time. As I have said many times on here, Andy is the first to get anything and everything done that needs to be done. He has done so much for us it is ridiculous. Every year him and June come in the spring and get our yard all beautiful for the year. He can fix anything. He has a huge heart and he loves his family so very much. We love you Grandy!! Hope you had a super duper day.

The girls and I had a great day today. They were so sweet all day and made my job as their momma so very easy. Love them so much, even on a bad day, but the good days are so wonderful.

I am very unmotivated to take pictures at the moment because of the heat. We were outside for 4 minutes to try and take a few snaps when I just gave up because it was so ridiculously hot. Over 100 degrees after 6 pm is just too hot. I always go through ups and downs with taking pictures and this project and I am definitely in a down swing at the moment. I hope to snap out of it very very soon.

Lucy looked so cute today in her Blondie dress and Chucks. She got several compliments on this outfit.


Please Mom. Please don't take my picture any more. I am begging you.


Lucy loves to lay all the way down in the tub and sing songs while I am getting Annie dressed. It is very cute.


Mom said...

Yahoo for a great day, even tho it was terribly hot!! Did Lucy's feet get hot in her hot shoes???!! Had a good day, here, also. Played tennis before it got extremely hot, had lunch with Paula and Mr. Jay, the 80+ year old that works with us at Aldersgate, went to see a house Paula likes, then finished dusting and sweeping. We did go out for a sandwich, and it is too hot to do much of anything else. Dad and I did manage to force down an ice cream bar, tho. Always room for dessert! Happy Birthday, Grandy!! Hope your day has been a good one. Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Mrs.B said...

Love, love , love that Blondie dress! one would never guess you were struggling with your pictures, they always look great!

Laurie said...

Loved the "snap out of it" pun, intentional or not! I love that last pic of Lucy with her head partially submerged. That is CRAZY heat - I think I'd die.

Norah said...

I hope your weather cools off soon. It's unusually chilly here this week. My perfect temp is between mid 70's to mid 80's. How bout you?

PiccaDilly said...

beautiful babies!!

Anonymous said...


I read your blog all the time, but I am a terrible commenter. I just had to tell you that Zoe has that same Blondie dress:

I went to high school with the woman who made it. Her Rowdy Sprout line is awesome! She started as a costume designer and Rowdy Sprout was just a side business. Now she does Rowdy Sprout full time and does an occasional costume gig.