Friday, July 31, 2009


Lucy 212/365


Look who has piggies!!
Annie 212/365

Today I am thankful for Lucy's last day as a two year old. I can't believe that tomorrow is her third birthday. When I told her tonight that her birthday is tomorrow she told me that she has already had her birthday. She doesn't quite get that we had her birthday party before her actual birthday. I will do a full update on her tomorrow. I just love her so much I can hardly stand it.

I got part of Lucy's 3 year session done today. I know you guys are going to want to know where I got these vintage outfits for the girls, so I am going to let you in on a little secret. Go to Rae Gun's etsy shop. You will not be disappointed. These are the cutest things ever. Seriously, you know you want one for your little girl, too. There are a million pictures today, but I couldn't help it because they are so darling.

Here is your last look at Lucy as a 2 year old. Don't you just LOVE the way she says wool? I love when the southern accent comes out. This is her current favorite song.










I really do love this one. It caught my eye from the beginning.

Say it with me now, S-A-S-S!










I have been asked before if Annie is tall because she has deceivingly looked tall in some of the pictures. She is FAR from being tall. She is such a shorty. At her 15 month appointment, she was in the 4th% for height. You get the idea here.



Mom said...

May I just say WOW about the pics. Lee Lee

Mom said...

OK, now since I've slid in under the wire in first place, I love the pics from today. And Kel, Annie's are horns, sprouts, whatever--piggy wannabes! The little bubbles are so cute, and of course you know I love the cowgirl boots and the lellys. Was that the same lake/park that we took the kids to when John and Wyatt were there? Looked familiar, and made the pictures so good. Sure do love and miss you guys. Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Mom said...

PS--I have watched the video 4 times already. Too cute. And, I see you got the bird house done! Good job. XOXOXOXOXO Lee

Erin said...

Wow - SUPER precious pics today - i can hardly stand it...the piggies, the boots, the outfits! love it all.

Shirley H. said...

Happy birthday Lucy~

Always anticipate your photos every morning (Singapore time..)

Like Lee Lee said.. your photos are WOW.. as always~

Kate said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the pics kel! i am about to see if that girl would make me oneofthose outfits. i KNOW jason would love to see me in one. seriously.
happy bday luce. wuv liza and mccoy

Beth said...

Lucy is just about as cute as a kid can get already... but then you add those boots, and oh my gosh I just want to eat her up!!! Great pictures, and since I won't have internet access tomorrow, Happy Birthday Lucy!!

Mom2J&I said...

i second that. Wow. What I would not give to have you photo my kids.....
Happy Birthday to Lucy.
(Oh, I so ordered that freakin' adorable bubble for Isabel. I wouldn't have slept tonight if I didn't order it! Thanks for the Etsy tip.)
Really some of your best shots yet.

Anonymous said...

Love these, they are amazing!

Ellen said...

In the 10th picture of Lucy, where she's squatting... how did you get it that sepia color?? Please share!

KrisJ said...

OMG could we all just die over how dang sweet and cute and darling those photos are!! HOLY CRAP they are too cute!! Happy Birthday to Lucy have lots of fun!! And umm yes I am loving those cute outfits and will be all over that etsy site!

Brandy said...

I cannot believe I have been following your blog for 2 years now! I know I don't comment often (ever), but I do read daily. Kelly, you have been so blessed and I am so THANKFUL that you share your girls and family with us! You are an amazing mom and I love watching your girls/family grow. As for the pictures - AMAZING as always, and I adore the outfits!!! Thanks so much, many times over. Happy Birthday to Lucy. And PLEASE keep up the daily posts - I check every night!

mimi lam said...

Those outfits and the boots are just a most georgous, sassy combination ever, Lucy and Annes are the most adorable little models, the etsy shop should pay you for these cuties's modeling.

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Kristin said...

So precious!

Mab said...

happy birthday Lucy!!! the pictures are WONDERFUL!!!!!!
Great job as always! love them all!

Emily said...

Those are the cutest outfits and the pictures are precious!!! Can't wait for our photo shoot!!!

jenn-and-dan said...

Kelly! Lucy is such a sweetie-pants! I loved the video, and yes...loved the way she says "woo-ool!" But my fave was how she held her note out at the end in that deep voice. Hilarious! She's gonna be on stage with dad before you know it! :) So cute!

Seashy said...

OBSESSED. with all of it. Really good work. This is SO lucky for the girls to have for one day later on.

Love and miss you all.

The Condreys said...

sooooo cute! ridiculously cute!

lee said...

pics are awesome and zoe LOVES watching/listening to lucy sing...
at the end she puts her hands up and says "YAAAAAAAY!" and starts clapping. Then signing more... ha ha

And I adore that your mom is still thrilled when she is first! hee hee! so cute. xoxo

dana said...

so precious!!! love that etsy site. love esty. i'm addicted.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely unbelievable pictures - you are so talented and your subjects so adorable:)

Blessings, Ashley

Heather said...

Love the pics, Kelly. Just wondering what you do with so many lovely pics. Do you have a bazillion photobooks or do you store them on CD (or both)!
Heather W

Carolyn said...

Sassy indeed. Great sister photos.

MrsKP said...

where did you take these shots? they are fantastic. just love it! happy birthday to lucy!

Kate said...

I don't know whether to Thank You or Hurt You! I just paid a visit to Rae Gun and bought my Ethiopian Princess a Ruffler...and some Bloomers....and a Dress. {sigh} Too stinkin' cute.

LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE these photos. Great job!