Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Annie 196/365

Lucy 196/365

Today I am thankful for another step of progress that Annie is making in her development. Today for the first time she has had the courage to cruise from one piece of furniture to another without sitting down and scooting over. Even when a table is right by a chair, she has just not been sure enough to let go and move from one to the other, but today she did. She has been walking so well behind a walker recently and I think that is what has given her that extra boost of confidence.

I spent some time with a good friend this morning. My mom and I ran a few errands with the girls. And I had a session tonight with one of the cutest 6 months old ever. So sweet. It is sweltering hot and 90% humidity. Ugh. I have a friend's wedding this weekend and the high on Saturday for the wedding is 83! I cannot wait for those kind of temperatures. It is going to be awesome.




Mom2J&I said...

oh, that sweet little Annie has come so far! She seriously manages to get a little cuter every day.
And Lucy, beautiful. I adore her hair cut. It really suits her.

Kate said...

Love hearing about Miss Annie's progress! You go, girl!!! The last photo is adorable.

Heather Field said...

YAY Annie! She will be running everywhere before you know it!

Lizbeth said...

Hi Kelly! I dont know how I came across your blog, oh wait it was thru Sugar Photography blog. I have since been hooked. You have a wonderful family and your pictures are as beautiful as can be! Just wanted to say hi and so you can know you have a new reader in Texas! have a great day! :)