Wednesday, July 08, 2009



Lucy 189/365

Today I am thankful for Annie's doctor being really pleased with her progress and not seeing a reason in the immediate future for some of the testing that we thought she might need a few months ago. He said that it is something that could still be needed if we don't continue to see improvement, but for now, I am not worrying about it. She had her 15 month check up today. Her stats were 18 lbs 2 oz - below the 3rd percentile - and 28.25 inches long - the 4th percentile. The doctor assured us that we were not likely to have a volleyball player on our hands!! She got three shots, which I just hate, but she seems to be just fine.

We had a low key day. The heat is back in an awful way. At 6 tonight it was 100 degrees and then we had a big hail storm for about 10 minutes and now the blazing sun is back out. Uck.

I have been meaning to say this, but I will be in Little Rock next week and Northwest AR next weekend if anyone is interested in booking a La La session. Spots will be limited because of time issues, so email me at





NeuroMama said...

No plans to be in AR. But, if you have any plans to travel to any place in New England, I would love to book a session!

Great news about Annie's check-up.

Liz said...

Yeah Annie! So excited for you that the tests are on the back burner for now. That is really great news Kelly. I am so relieved for you. GO ANNIE GO!

Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with Annie's black sunglasses? You always have such fun, glam sunglasses for your girls - you must tell me where you get them because Reece needs a pair.

Maybe I should use going to Arkansas for a session as an excuse to go somewhere slightly cooler than here. I mean, it must be cooler there because no place can be as hot as it has been here! Are you sure you don't want to go to Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota for sessions? Cause I'd go there just to get out of the heat. The session could be my excuse. Work with me here.

Mom said...

Liz is so funny. I vote Colorado! Yea for Annie! I still don't believe that she didn't weigh 20 lbs, because the girl gets heavy! Sorry it's so hot, but I think we may get hotter. ugh Just in case you wanted to know, I must have picked/raked up 3 million hickory nuts this evening. Sorry squirrels. Kiss both of those beautiful dolls for me! Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Kate said...

So glad Annie is doing so well! Great news about the delay in testing!

Mom2J&I said...

Yea Annie!

Dawn said...

LOVE Lucy's hair!!

Norah said...

Marissa is below the 3rd percentile for height and weight and she just turned 9 yrs old yesterday! I swear L will outgrow her soon. L's foot is catching up. L is wearing Marissa's size 3T shorts from last summer now.

Anonymous said...

Always glad to hear that Annie is doing well. She and Ellie can exchange clothes when they get older. Two little peanuts!

Natalie said...

I am so happy to hear that Annie is doing so great, she has definately been in my prayers. Both the girls are adorable Kelly!


Nicki said...

aw your tiny little princess! So glad she is doing sooooo well!

What are Lucy's stats these days, out of curiosity? She looks soooo petite to me. I keep waiting for Addy's genes to catch up with her but she just keeps growing like we are feeding her growth hormones. ugh.

Kelly said...

Nicki - Lucy will be officially weighed and measured in less than a month at her 3 year appt. When she gets on the scale it says 25.5-26 lbs. Who knows how accurate it is though. She has always been 90th% and above for height, but I think her height is slowing down. All of her friends are catching up to her and passing her now.

mam said...

Please please please come to Portland! I want photos! (and it's usually 20 degrees cooler here!)