Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Lucy 188/365

Annie 188/365

Today I am thankful for my date with Lucy. She didn't take a nap today, which is very strange for her. Justin had laid her down for nap and a while later I was upstairs on the computer and could hear her talking away in her bed. She still had not gone to sleep. About 15 minutes later she walked in our room and tried to convince me she had, in fact, taken her nap. Silly girl. I told her I would lay down with her for a bit and she was fine with that. However, she could not stop talking. Anything she could think of, she told me. One interesting tidbit she told me was that Sasha (her stuffed elephant) had gotten put in time out earlier. When I asked why, she told me that Sasha had been acting ugly and that she wasn't listening. And then Lucy said, "I am Sasha's momma and she needs to listen and use her manners and not act ugly to others." I promptly agreed with Lucy on this one. One other thing she did that was just so sweet was to put both of her hands on my cheeks and say, "You are MY momma. I love you so much." And then she kissed me on the forehead. I do this to her all of the time saying that she is my special Lucy. I love it when they are sweet pumpkins. I decided nap was out so I took her with me to the mall while Justin stayed with Annie, who was napping. I let her pick out a special treat of her choice - ice cream, we went to the toy store and looked around for birthday ideas, and we visited the ducks and turtles. She had a blast. When we got home, she asked me to lay her down because she was too tired. She was out in about 10 seconds. She thinks she is big and doesn't need a nap, but it caught up with her today!

I am always shocked at how some people have no respect for a child's personal space. I was in a store and this woman who worked there was fascinated by Lucy, who was sitting in her stroller. She bent down and was within a foot of Lucy's face talking in this weird voice. It made me uncomfortable and I know Lucy was about to flip. I just moved the stroller back and told her that Lucy is very shy around strangers. Weird. I mean she was right in her face. I actually thought she was going to kiss her.

I have my playgroup mom's dinner tonight. I always love it and am looking forward to it.






Nicki said...

am I really first?!?! YAY!

That's so crazy that someone was all up in Lucy's grill like that. People have no boundaries. It's so weird.

I miss naps. You are so lucky that Lucy still takes them!!! I love her story, though, about the naughty elephant!

Mom said...

Have some fun for me with your little momma buds tonight. Sounds great. Glad you and Lucy had some fun together time. Those times are the best! Enjoy, they seem to fly by. People want to get in Lucy's space because she is so darn cute. I like to make a darling pumpkin smile, too--they just don't know our Lucy! Love and kisses, Lee Lee

jilljohnandhope said...

Creepy people suck. Also bad is when they reach for your baby and ask if they can hold them. Umm, no, but thanks.

Susan said...

Yeah, we get people invading Petunia's space a lot! I just want to say, "Seriously, people!" I guess your mom's right, though. We do have some cuties, don't we?!

Sounds like you get some fun stories at your house, too. The elephant who acted ugly and wouldn't listen was just the thing to make me grin. I love, love, love little imaginations at work.

That birthday is just around the corner, isn't it? Crazy!!

Anne said...

Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago...your daughters are absolutely gorgeous. Your photos of them are just beautiful!

MKH said...

sounds like a perfect little date!

Emily said...

Don't you love that one-on-one time with the big sister!! Missed you guys last night!!

Willis said...

I've seen a lot of your pictures, and the first one on this post is one of my favorites. She looks so innocent and pure sleeping. God is so good to give us our children. They are truly a blessing from Him!