Saturday, July 04, 2009


Annie 185/365


Lucy 185/365

Today I am thankful that I am an American. I am thankful for all of the freedoms, rights, and privileges that I have as an American. I am thankful that my girls get every opportunity in the world since they are now Vietnamese-Americans. I am so thankful to all of the service men and women who fight to keep this freedom for me and every other American. I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July.

We actually had a totally uneventful day. It is so freakin hot that I couldn't even bring myself to take the girls to the neighborhood parade or the fireworks tonight. We really just hung out around the house and tried to stay cool, which we did do, but it didn't feel like the 4th at all. We had a couple of different things we could have done with friends, but I just didn't have it in me to wrangle both girls in the heat by myself. Pretty boring day for us.

Lucy is wearing the same dress she wore last Fourth. It still fits her perfectly. It is definitely shorter, but still hit at her knees. She has just grown up a few inches in the past year, but not around at all.








Mom said...

Happy 4th of July! Uneventful here, too! I did however, work hours on cleaning out Katy's and my cars, then washed them, so now I assume it will rain!
We went to see "The Proposal" which we both thought was very funny, which is good because Dad thought I had made him go to a chick flick. It was, but very funny and sweet. We rode around the circle, a few lawn chairs gathering for fireworks. I would consider it, but the mosquitos would carry us away! Talk to you in a bit. Kiss those girls for me! Precious in their 4th finery. Love and kisses, Lee Lee

laura said...

Beautiful girls in their Fourth of July finery! What a blessing being American is for our families. It is an honor that our Vietnamese-American children will have the ability to achieve their dreams.

Missy said...

I just had to drop you a quick comment and tell you that I adore your 365 project. It is very inspiring and I plan on starting the same project soon. These are incredible photos of your girls. Wonderful bokeh and love your post processing!

Trying Traditional said...

Love Lucy's shoes on the wrong feet. I can not tell you how many times I look at a photo and the twins have shoes on the wrong feet. Part of growing up, I suppose :)

Happy Independence Day!

Kelli said...

Happy Fourth of July! It was cold and rainy here all day- not sure which is worse- the heat or the rain!

Christina said...

happy 4th! i love the "hit it maestro!" video. wilson wanted to watch lucy over and over again. the pics from each month are adorable...great job!

ccorley said...

pics of the girls are precious. That Annie is such a ham! happy
4th to all!

Norah said...

Happy 4th!

Nicki said...

ok Annie outdid herself with that dress and bloomers. I am dying from cuteness!

This year was just so miserable hot. We had a ban on sparklers, even! I mean what do you do for fun when you can't even use sparklers on the 4th?!?!

Mom said...

So happy that I wasn't the only one who noticed Lucy's shoes on the wrong feet!!! She pulled the old switcheroo on you! Love it. Lee Lee

Kate said...

Happy 4th! Sorry about the hot weather.

Cori said...

The girls look so precious in their 4th of July dresses. LOVE Annie's bloomers!! No sure if my comment on the post from today took, so thought I'd ocmment on the actual one I was talking about.