Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Lucy 182/365

Annie 182/365

Today I am thankful for getting to have some special time just with Lucy and me. One of her little playgroup friends, Molly, had a fancy tea party today. The four girls from playgroup were invited - so Lucy, Ava, Molly, and Hannah were all there. It was SO cute. Molly's mom, Ashley, had prepared the cutest tea party food for us all and the girls drank "tea" and really had a blast! After they ate, they danced around to princess music. Cute stuff! It is fun for me to have something special to do just with Lucy. She really has been a trooper about having to share me so much with Annie. I miss just the time between us, so I am going to try and do more stuff with just the two of us or just her and her dad.

I am going to dinner tonight with Christy and Mandy, and I am really excited. We are trying a new restaurant. Should be lots of fun with yummy food.

I have quite a few more pictures from the tea party, but I didn't have time to edit them all. Didn't Ashley do an awesome job for the girls?!?!







I love how she is holding her saucer. Funny girl!


Sweet Hannah was the only child that actually liked the camera!


This is probably my favorite picture - Molly leaned all the way down to drink her tea.


Go Annie Go!


Mom said...

I have had to wait all day to see the TEA pictures, and they didn't disappoint!! Lucy and the gals looked adorable in their finery and Miss Annie looked like she was on a drooling mission of her own. Have fun at supper. Hi to the big gals! Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Beth said...

Love the tea party idea. That's so cute!! - And I love that practically all of Annie's pictures include slober. It is so cute to see babies all slobbery.

The Hines Family said...

What a sweet idea!! Looks like the girls had a great time! :-)

Shawna said...

Oh my goodness, I want to be at that tea party! Those are about the cutest pictures ever! How adorable Kel.

Meredith Woodruff said...

Cute, cute party!!! Do you think Cole would like a tea party;)? GO ANNIE!!!!!

lee said...

very cute! zoe is much into serving, and having, tea! love it. :D

Amy said...

First of all, that tea party was amazing! I wish I could've had one like that. And secondly, from the previous post, I think "hit is maestro" is pretty awesome. I would most DEFINITELY say the same thing! Love and miss you guys so much!

Norah said...

What a cute, fun time!

dana said...

So, so so stinkin' adorable!!!! I cannot wait to have a tea party for my girl. Annie looks like she is on a mission - watch out!!

Ronja said...

How cute!

I'll be on vacation the next 3 weeks, I'll miss reading your blog! We'll travel to Cambodia and Thailand, and I am just so excited!

Greetings from Germany,

Anonymous said...

Very cute tea party! I was wondering where you got the tea sets? My friend is having a tea party for her girls as well and can't find cute ones like the ones you have.