Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Lucy 210/365

Annie 210/365

Today I am thankful for a new dress that I got at Anthropologie. I have a lot of days where I just feel so "mom-ish", which is okay, but I feel like I lose myself some days when I am covered in drool and smeared food all day long. It is not uncommon for me to not have much of a desire to get out of pjs. I don't like that feeling and I feel so much better when I feel good about what I am wearing. So, today I got a pretty dress and I am excited to wear it. I have found that since the girls, I have almost stopped buying anything for myself and only buying stuff for them. But today I got a special treat.

We had a great day today other than a meltdown by both girls after naps. I have no idea what happened. Lucy was actually okay when she woke up and then just kept losing it until she just cried for a LONG time. I did everything I could think of to calm her, but nothing would work so I finally just let her do her thing. All of this sent Annie into a tail spin and soon both girls were all out of sorts. Instead of letting it get me all worked up, I did what comes naturally and caught the moment on film. I don't think this made the girls feel much better! :)

I really love days like today when I am not expecting much for my pictures and then I end up loving them!












Denise said...

Wow! What amazing pictures! They always are, but there is something about today's pictures that I just love.
I, too, stopped buying for myself when the girls came home. Love, love, love little girl clothing!
You'll have to have Justin take a picture of you in your new dress so we can all see it.

Erica said...

Could Lucy get an sassier looking in those photos?!? My goodness--she is beautiful!

I hear you on the mom thing. I have a sick one and have been home for two days I'm pretty sure the stain on my shirt is snot, but I have no idea about my pants (better off not knowing I think).

Beautiful pics!

Kate said...

I suspect Heaven looks a lot like an Anthropologie store. At least my Heaven anyway...

Great Daddy/Daughter shots!

Mom said...

I want a new dress too!!! But until I shed a few pounds, I'm always just so happy to look at shoes! We did however, find a bunch of stuff for Seashy and her new job. Sorry we had a melt down--but it made for some fantastic pictures. Love the shots with Dada and each gal--very good. Hope both girls got calmed down for you two parents. Have a peaceful evening. Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Karyn said...

Ok, you must post a pic of the new dress!

Mom2J&I said...

i am head over heels with today's shots. drop dead beautiful!
they have a really nice feel to them. lucy is stunning.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh!!! I always love your pictures, but for some reason these are possibly my favorites ever! ;) I love the last three especially, that smirk! Lol, I can guess where she learned that;) Okay, all of them are just amazing, love love love!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful girls you have! I just love the look you captured in the second to last photo. I LOVE real moments and you are terrific at getting them on film.

mimi lam said...

Today's pictures are so stunning, perhaps, because since Lucy's BD, she seems older in her expressions, seems as she is feeling more, and has deeper expressing moods, love the way her hair framing her face, and pictures of Daddy & daughters are so endearing.

ypp said...

Your photos are just amazing as usual.

Although the children had a bad day, it looks like you had a good day. I guess you had a natural well-rested night.

Ok so you have a new dress. Maybe there should now be a new pair of shoes for dada ? :)

Seashy said...

I love how Annie is giving a little point with a huge grin in her first picture, too cute. Love them all actually, and the melt down one is priceless. hahaha

I'm up at the store. love and miss ya! Can't wait to wear some of my nice new slacks!!

Laura from France said...

So beautiful !!! Lucy's pictures are amazing ! =)

mam said...

Those last three are breathtaking photos!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I've been reading your blog often lately and just wanted to say hello. Your girls are gorgeous and I love your photography.

Anonymous said...

Ah-May-Zing! These photos rock. I like the photo of annie crying and Lucy looking a little melty in the background - so cute!

Seriously, Lucy is quite possibly the most beautiful child I've ever laid eyes on. The photos today are incredible, but she is simply breathtaking.

Emily said...

ooooo&ahhh's to the first photo of lucy!
we JUST got a anthropologie in durham. happy me!

Shawna said...

Lucy's hair is looking extra adorable today! I'm going to need to see that new dress of yours Kel...I love me some Anthropologie. I loved your outfit you had on at Julie's wedding too...super cute ensemble!

Kerum said...

The girls look gorgeous...and I love these pictures! Always love pictures of kids and their Daddy! Melts my heart.

Do you have amazing lighting in your house or what!?! Your indoor pictures always look just as great as your outdoor pictures, but today's pictures just look spectacular. What is your secret? Please share what you do to make your indoor photos look so good (or is it just all in the lighting and those with less just have to suck it up and deal?).

Anonymous said...




















Laura said...

I could have written your entire first paragraph, word for word. I still sort of had it together with one little, but now that I have two? SO SAD! I also rarely buy anything for myself, which I'll admit was a huge change. Glad you got a great new dress.

I LOVE today's photos.

Anonymous said...

I must say that your girls have the best faces - love the expressions and your ability to capture them:)

Blessings, Ashley

MKH said...

The pics today are great!! that one of Annie crying is still so cute-bow in the hair and all! first one of Lucy absolutely beautiful!! go have fun in that new dress!