Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Lucy 195/365

Annie 195/365

Today I am thankful for US Pizza, which is one of the yummiest pizza places ever. My parents, the girls, and I had dinner there tonight and they have the best salads and I love the pizza. Every time I come to Little Rock I make sure that we eat there. If you are ever in Little Rock, I highly recommend it. Yummy!!

It was a rainy day here today until the late afternoon, at which point it turned into a sauna. We didn't do much. I got a lot of work done, the girls played with Papa and Lee a lot, and then we enjoyed dinner together. We tried to play on the swing set after dinner, but the mosquitos were miserable. Annie is coming down with a cold. I hope she doesn't get too sick.

Lucy is laughing so hardly in the pictures tonight. On the way home from dinner my parents and I were talking about this house that was for sale near theirs. I was asking what it was listed for and my mom told me that they have had to drop the price significantly because they are moving to a different state and need to sell. She also said that they had just spent a fortune remodeling it a few years ago and now they aren't going to be getting their money back. At which point, my dad said, "They are going to lose their booty on that house." Lucy thought the idea of someone losing their booty was the funniest thing she has ever heard and she could not stop laughing about it for 15+ minutes. Funny times.









Anonymous said...

Ahh, that made me giggle about the "booty." I love Lucy's sense of humor.

Mom said...

Except for the mosquitos, it's been a lovely day with the drooly box and the giggle box! Love and kisses, Lee Lee

Jena said...

oh, love the pics today Kel.

LawMommy said...

I love the last photo of Lucy -so cute.

Growing up, I always spent a month every summer at my great-grandparents farm outside of Stuttgart. I remember that Arkansas-summer-post-rain-sauna feeling very well - makes me think of my childhood!

Shawna said...

Super jealous of US...I think I'm going to have to sneak a trip in this weekend in Fayetteville! So excited that you're my date!

MKH said...


Adele said...

Beautiful pics!