Thursday, July 02, 2009


Annie 183/365

Lucy 183/365

Today I am thankful for officially being halfway done with my 365 project. Part of me is amazed that we are already halfway done with 2009, but the other part of me can't believe that I have another 6 months to go! This does take a lot of time every day for me, but it is worth it. How cool is it going to be to have pictures from every single day of the year? For a little fun, I am posting the first picture of the month for each girl. Thanks to everyone who comments and cheers me on!





Annie 32/365

Lucy 32/365


Annie 60/365

Lucy 60/365


Annie 91/365

Lucy 91/365


Annie 121/365

Lucy 121/365


Annie 153/365

Lucy 153/365

And more pictures from today.






Somebody didn't want their picture taken at all today.


HPTeach said...

Wow! You don't realize how much they have grown until the pictures are put up by month. You've been doing such a great job!!!!

Shirley H. said...

Love your daily post! Keep it up! Hehe~

Marina said...

Congratulations Kelly on making it halfway! That's a fantastic achievement, and as a daily reader, one that I know has been far from easy. Thank you so much for continuing with the 365 Project- looking at your photos each day while my two are napping is a daily highlight. Can't wait to see the rest! And you're doing this again next year, right?? Pretty please ;)

Denise said...

Your girls are so precious! Even though I don't always have a chance to comment, I try to read your blog each day because the pictures and words are so uplifting.
Maybe one day I will take the time to begin a blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Woah!! I can't believe how quickly Annie sprouted hair! So sweet!

Mom said...

Wow--1/2 year! Amazing, and how both girls have grown. You and Justin (and the girls) will be so glad to have this to look back on. I sure will be too! Fun having Katy here, if only briefly. She just called Holly for help on writing a thank you note for a job interview. I'm no good at that, and Holly is! We tracked her down at the cabin!

Katy just said that she is really interested in going to Branson this summer. She wants to be one of the many lucky PATRONS who get to view the Titanic Exhibit. She also looks forward to being one of the overly excited, aggressive patrons elbowing her way to the front of the line for the wax museum. Perhaps you two could revisit Ripley's Believe or Not Museum, and this time, pose as nuns.

Loved the pics from today. And again, my sincere condolences for Annie never showing any signs of happiness. Lucy is such a pill! Love and kisses to all, Lee Lee and Seashy

Seashy said...

To all the bloggers who may be confused about Lee Lee's last comment:

Kelly and I love, and I mean LOVE Branson. Not only were we running around last summer like mad women, hitting up all the most popular patron attractions, but we got to get our picture taken at the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum as MUSCLE WOMEN. It was beautiful. Pure art. Maybe what even started Kelly's interest in photography...

Anyway, just wanted to clear things up if anyone was confused. Have a great Fourth.

mimi lam said...

It is nice to see your daily post with the kids's pictures, and how much they have grown from looking at the monthly pictures, loved your Mom, sister's comments, such a fun loving family you have. Happy 4th July.

ADELE said...

Oh I love this post. Absolutely precious!!!

Beth said...

I didn't realize how much Annie's hair had grown! - I love the pictures of Annie playing with Daddy today... but I have to say the picture at the end of Lucy was TOO CUTE!! Whether she wanted it, or not!

Amy said...

I do not comment very much at all- but I had to today. You can see in those pictures just how much Annie has blossomed over the last 6 months! What a beauty. And Lucy too- She's such a sweet little thing.

Good job coming so far!! :)

KrisJ said...

CONGRATS!!! I cant believe youve been able to keep up thats amazing!! I love coming to check about every night knowing there will be some fun pics to look at and you always have something sweet to say!

Laurie said...

I love your project 365 Kell! I look forward to seeing your girls every single day. Brightens my mornings;)
I forgot to comment on the post about sibling stuff and now that post is buried since it's been a few days? so I'll comment here. We have had those problems too, for sure. They were worse earlier on and have gotten MUCH better now that the kids are getting old enough to play altogether. I think it peaks in badness for the oldest child when the younger ones are old enough to be mobile (and wreck / get in the way of their stuff), but still too young to *really* play WITH them. Once Annie is walking, talking, playing with toys the "right way," or whatever, Lucy will love having her around (sometimes;).

Another thing that has helped for us is finding a role for Jack as "helper" with his younger sibs. We've praised him so much for doing nice things for them that, honestly, sometimes I'm not sure if he's being kind to please us or because he wants to be sweet to them...but it really doesn't matter either way. He gets a big self-esteem boost from his role has "big brother who takes care of his little brother and sister." He loves that he's good at it (or so we tell him;), and that his role is something we value hugely. He holds their hands as we cross streets, he gets them cups of juice, he gets the boo-boo bunny (the little ice pack thingy) when they get hurt, etc. It's super cute to see how much he's grown with regards to his siblings.

It'll happen for Lucy and Annie too. It just takes a little time and I think has more to do with their difference in developmental levels right now. That'll even out in another year or so too though.

Sorry this was a book!

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy! You can really see a change in the girls! I think Annie suddenly looked different around May. It was like the flip of a switch! :O)