Saturday, December 26, 2009


Lucy 360/365

Annie 360/365

Today I am thankful that on this day exactly 3 years ago we met our Lucy Goose in Vietnam for the very first time. We spent about 2 hours with her in the orphanage and it was such an amazing experience. She was so alert and studied us the entire time. She never made a single fuss. The nannies repeatedly came over and took her from us and cried and cried and cried as they held her. It was heart wrenching, but we felt so confident and happy about the love that she had received in her 5 months in Que Son. I used to really not like December 26th - you are the furthest from Christmas day that you can possibly be. But it has such special memories and meaning to us now.

We actually got out and braved the crowds a bit today. The only thing I cared about was going to this one particular store to get half price Christmas decorations. We called last night to see if they were opening early and the message on their machine just said the holiday hours. I trusted this, but my sister Holly was worried this was wrong. The message said they opened at 10, so we were there at 9:55. Holly was right, they opened at 7 am and EVERYTHING was gone. I had to honestly fight back tears because I had several specific things that I really, really wanted. This place has the most amazing Christmas things that you have ever seen. I am still so sad about missing it all. Ugh. Next year, right?


Missy said...

Happy Lucy Day! What a treasure she must be to your sweet family! I'm sorry you missed the after Christmas sale. That stinks! I am sure with your creativity, you'll find a way to make it even more perfect next year!

Annette said...

Yes!! Happy Lucy Day:) Just wanted to say that you have done an amazing job on posting this year. Only 5 more days to go and I will say that I have really enjoyed keeping up with your family. Great Job!!!

Sherri said...

What a day. The day I met my rock star. I remember how I got to hold her for what seemed like a few minutes and then Nanny V would come and get her for a few minutes and that seemed to go on the whole visit. I felt like I was taking her child away. I wonder what Nanny V is doing today.

KrisJ said...

How exciting, happy meet ya day! And omg you only have a few days left! Really I dont think Im ready for you to be done! Love the pics the girls look so happy!

Jenny said...

We were there, in VN, remembering you getting Lucy. Amazing right? 3 years!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a very special day...may all of you have fun and enjoy your time together. i can see alot of love in your family.

Kristi said...

Happy Lucy Day! Isn't it awesome to think back on that moment? Love it!

Isn't it also amazing that you are at day 360?? I think I'm going to try to do a 365 project this year.