Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Lucy 335/365

Annie 335/365

Today I am thankful for all of the orders that have been coming in. I swear I have been placing orders for 2 days straight. Yesterday I think I sat at the table for about 6 hours and the same today. I am most excited about the 10 canvases that got ordered today!! I love seeing those the most. I still have several orders that need to come in, but I really am getting close to the end of this holiday season.

I have my mom's night out tonight. Only three of us can go this time, but I am very excited about it, as always. I need to get off of here and get the girls cleaned up and ready for bed. I will put Annie down before I go and Justin and Lucy will have a little party!

Since I have little time tonight, I will answer the easiest question. The camera I use is a Nikon D700. I am in love with my camera. It rocks. My favorite lens is my 24-70mm 2.8 and I still love my 50mm. I have the 85mm and I love it, too, but sometimes I feel like there is something a little off with it because the sharpness seems off a tad. I have the 105mm macro, but I have used it one time. Ridiculous, I know. I need to practice with it a lot more. Something to do when things slow down. I also have the 18-200mm but I never use it and need to sell it. It is a great lens, but just doesn't meet my needs. I like to shoot wide open, and that lens is not for that. I will address more photography questions in later posts.


Anonymous said...


the boss of the house


Lisa said...

Thanks, Kelly! You rock!

Mom said...

Dada--you are too funny! You and the gals have a fun evening, and Mom, you have a nice visit with the other Moms. Hope Anners had a better day--sounds like you were all busy! Off to Biggest Loser. Love and kisses, LeeLee

Heather said...

Thanks for the lens information. Which lens do you use to take most of your portraits with blurred backgrounds?

Stephanie said...

Kelly, after the holidays are over, will you put your Christmas card up on the site so we can all see what cute pic of the girls you used? would love to see it!!

Ashley said...

Got your Christmas card today. LOVE IT!!! Hope to see you tomorrow!! I'll give you a call when I'm on my way and hopefully we can figure something out! Cute pics tonight!

KrisJ said...

I have the 18-200 also.. I never use it either I should sell mine too!! Love hearing about what other photogs love.. even though you let me in on your lens love the other day!!!
Have a fun girls night!

My Sweet E's said...

I'll certainly miss reading and seeing your daily posts once the new year arrives. I don't comment as much as I should, but you have inspired me to learn more and hopefully turn my photography into a career. I still have a long way to go but witnessing how much you have improved over the last year is/has been inspiring. If you are ever in Northern Florida, I would seriously love for you to take some pictures of my two red heads.

My question is this: What is your process once you have taken the pictures for a session? How do you decide what to edit and how do you go about it. Did you hire someone to do your business website? How long did you plan your venture before you opened for business. Any tips are certainly appreciated!

Thanks for being so open and sharing so much with complete strangers.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

hope you enjoyed yourself with the other deserve it. the pictures look great!

Julie said...

Would love to know what SLR you recommend for a beginner.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Annie with the purses is Elizabeth to a tee right now. She loves her purses. You should have seen her face when she got the Hello Kitty one she had been wanting on her birthday. Hopefully maybe I can get that video posted tomorrow.