Thursday, December 10, 2009


Lucy 344/365

Annie 344/365

Today I am thankful for it being bedtime for me. I am not kidding, I can only remember one other time being as tired as I have been today. I know I keep complaining about being tired, but I have now gone 5 nights in a row of getting about 4 hours of sleep or less per night. Besides the 2 nights in Vegas, Annie is having a terrible time sleeping because her nose is so clogged up. She is up A LOT in the night. And since it takes me forever to fall asleep after I am up and out of bed with her, I am getting almost no sleep. I can't even open my eyes all the way. I am seriously going to bed by 8 o'clock tonight. Maybe I can get a little caught up. I am praying for a much better night. Justin will be able to get her until he goes to bed later, so hopefully I can get at least a few uninterrupted hours in. I really do want to finish off the year with more fun posts than this, but I just don't have it in me until I can get some rest.


Anonymous said...

oh sweetie...try to rest as much as possible. mommies need their sleep too :) gorgeous pics...good night.

MKH said...

oh girl, I don't know how you are doing it! I hope you are asleep right now and your babies are feeling better soon!

Shawna said...

Get some sleep Kel!

Mom said...

Hey Poopsie, you better be asleep and not reading this! Had such a busy day! Will talk to you tomorrow. Glad there was no fever today. The pics are precious!

Sweet dreams.

Love and kisses, LeeLee

Jenny said...

here's some unsolicited advice - that cheap Vics brand steam humidifier they sell at walmart? PERfect for clogged baby noses. It turns their room into a tropical paradise and gets the mucus flowing. My son always sleeps through with it.
Hope you are getting some rest!!

Anonymous said...

charlie has started taking this new miracle drug for her runny nose. it is called is over the counter, but AMAZING!! we went from getting up every couple of hours to NO runny nose!!! i promise it is the best. it is new to the market, but so good. hope you are able to rest soon.
julie mckinney scarborough

Paul and Heather said...

I'm SO sorry. I am sure you are trying everything already...but our savior when Hsin-Hua has a cold is a battery operated snot sucker (it really gets a lot out) and the Vicks liquid you add to the humidifier. Your whole house will smell like it...but it REALLY works. Poor Annie and poor you!

Momto5 said...

I was going to suggest the Vicks thing too. Also rolling up blankets under her matress so it is slightly propped up.