Saturday, December 19, 2009


Lucy 353/365

Annie 353/365


Today I am thankful for such an awesome Christmas celebration with family. We all got lots of goodies and Lucy, Annie, Austen, and Jaksen really got loads of fun new stuff. They have all had the best time together and we all comment all of the time how well the kids play together. They laugh, run, and play all day long and it makes for some tired babies. They all took really long naps and the two littles are already back in bed for the night.

What I am really most thankful for is that after years and years of defeat, Cayce and I finally won a domino match!! It was so awesome and we are both feeling pretty good about it! I know I talk about the dominos a lot when we are all together, but it is so much fun and the games are intense. I mean really, really intense. They get pretty nasty, to be perfectly honest. We are all just extremely competitive about it and tempers have been known to flare. Again, we all love it though, so we are able to laugh it off - sometimes. :) I am ready to take them again right now, but you know we all have to be quiet and concentrate on the Cowboys game for now.



Mom said...

Sounds like you have had a WONDERFUL day! I love the pics--and the one of Andy and June with the kids is terrific!

Had US Pizza and I'm a stuffed toad. ugh

You and Cayce tell the boys they are going down! Girls rule!

I am READY for Christmas!!! Love and kisses to all, LeeLee

Norah said...

Looks like a good time. Enjoy!

Shawna said...

You? Competitive? No (Just don't challenge her to a game of Trapped). Way to go ladies! Victory is yours! Glad you all are having a good time. Can't wait to see you all.

Meghan said...

your little girls always have the cutest outfits!!! i'm having a little girl in april & must know where you find these adorable outfits!

Stacey said...

Hi! I just found your blog through the Vietnam Adoption Blogroll. I love your pictures and your girls are beautiful. Do you mind sharing where their outfits in these pictures are from? My daughter is having her two year old pictures taken in a couple weeks and that is exactly what I have been looking for. Have a Merry Christmas!

Kelly said...

Their outfits are Matilda Jane. You can see it at I am not sure, but I think you can only order it through trunk shows.