Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Annie 336/365

Lucy 336/365

Today I am thankful for the funny things that come out of kids mouths. Lucy has been on a roll lately and every time I tell someone the things she has been saying they say to write those things down. Monday she and I were driving through Chickfila and she had her purse in her lap while sitting in her carseat. I ordered and she opened up her purse, handed me $0.11 and said, "Here, Mom. Pay the chicken nugget makers." I about died.

Then yesterday she was grumpy, like always, after she woke up from her nap. Justin was bugging her and kept asking her questions and she had finally had enough. She sat up in our bed, made such a serious face, and said to Justin, "Santa is not going to bring you a single present because you are not acting right." I wish I could put on here the attitude that she said this with. She meant business. I know that we have told her that Santa is watching her and all of that jive, but there is no way I have ever told her Santa wasn't going to bring her a single present because she wasn't acting right.

And finally, Lucy had come and gotten in bed with us the other night. The next morning, she was snuggling with me and I asked her why she woke up and came in our room because she never does this anymore. She grabbed both of my cheeks and said, "Because I love you SOOOOOOOOOOO much Momma!" It was one of my best mom moments ever.

One more quick answer about lenses tonight. I was asked about the blurry backgrounds and which lens I use for that. The way that you get a blurry background is to shoot with the lowest f stop possible. That is why I love the 50mm, 85mm, and the 24-70 2.8 because they are able to really open up which focuses on your subject and blurs out everything else. I generally always shoot with my aperture set to 2.8 or below. This will give you the beautiful creamy background and bokeh. Hope this helps a little. I am not the best at writing out camera explanations. Sorry about that.



Anonymous said...

They do say the cutest darn things! Bella hugs me tight and says "I love you TOO much" :) I want to think she means SOO much.

Heather (First)!

Ashley said...

Wow, that was fast! Good to see you tonight! One more funny thing... how about tonight when you told her to let you know when she was finished in the bathroom and she yelled from behind the closed door, "ooohhhh yeeeaaaahhhh!!" So cute! And when Justin came in and she introduced me as "momma's friend". Too sweet. I can't believe how big the munchkins are getting!! Let's get together again soon -- love and miss you all!!

Mom said...

I agree, write these things down!!! I always meant to, never did, and now regret it! Holly, this goes for you, too. All these grand babies say the cutest things.

Rained 1 1/2 inches today. Ugh! Is SOOO cold. Really feels like winter is trying to blow in.

Papa made it to Florida. Hope the weather is nice for them. Didn't look promising on the weather channel.

Almost have the house in order so that I can work on lists and cards. Hooray. Got yours and Kathy's, they are fabulous!!!

Love and kisses, LeeLee

Nicki said...

That made me giggle out loud to picture Sassy Lucy scolding her daddy! LOVE IT! Addy is very serious about the naughty list too. I don't ever actually talk about it or threaten it but she talks about it a LOT. Tonight she told Noah he was going on the naughty list for hitting her (even though he has NEVER hit her).

I love that Lucy was all business at the drive-thru too! Addy just gets bossy and screams "I DON'T WANT A HAMBURGER! I SAID CHOCOLATE MILK!!!" whenever she hears us order (our own food!!!). It's awesome (not).

LauraPBS said...

I totally need to write things down more - well done - my Olivia just today looked at a photo of her two brothers and said, "those are MY boys!" Yes - they are! So cute.

You have really inspired me as I have "gone pro" so I have couple of ?s along that vein for you -
1. How do you drum up clients? Any tips?
2. How do you keep the attion of kids (esp. little ones) during the shoot? I always seem to get a meltdown fromthe youngest (usually 1-2 years old) after about 30-40 minutes and I'm not sure what to do differently...
Thanks so so much!

KrisJ said...

That cracks me up! I always try to remember blogging about the funny things but always forget! Ive been looking at the 50mm but cant decide between the 1.4 or the 1.8 plus there is 2 options for the 1.4 AAARRRR to many choices, and Im just not good enough to know the diff!!

Anonymous said...

I am sure as you wrap up your year long project you will hear from many fans.
I just wanted to be one of the first to Thank You for the hard work you put in on this blog. My Vietnam Annie loves looking at your photos and calls your girls her friends.
Your positive posts are a wonderful way for me to start my day.
I am not sure what the future holds for your blog, I am sure you need a break.
Jennifer in Indy, Mama to her own Vietnam Annie
So please accept my Thanks, your work has meant a lot to many of us out here.

Laura H. said...

There are some awesome explanations over at The Pioneer Woman about those types of things. :) I know YOU know what you're doing, but if you ever get stumped with how exactly to explain, I've found that others have found that helpful. (So basically that's where I direct people after I've babbled on and on and they're still looking at me like I'm crazy.)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ver recognized you and your girls in public? how do you feel about being an internet celebrity? Your girls are so beautiful and you are a true testament to an adoption success story.

Anonymous said...

I love hearing what other little ones are saying...never fails to amaze me (and usually totally cracks me up!). Like last night... Peter was driving Maisie home in the rain and the traffic. Maybe she could feel the stress, maybe she just wanted him to share her happy place...she said to him "Daddy! Close yours eyes and meditate! Think about far-away places!" And you know she said it all bossy, like she is ;-)
Quick note to Laura over at Lime-Pop - I'm from Balto and just saw your card at Lynne Bricks. Kelly photographed Maisie for us when we were in Texas. I sought her out because I've admired both her photography and her philosophy on life ever since I found her blog.
Kelly - Thanks for sharing so much with all of us.

Seashy said...

"pay the chicken nugget makers"??? That is HILARIOUS.

MKH said...

so great that you are writing those funny things she says down! love the idea of answering questions-I'm going to think of one!