Friday, December 25, 2009


Annie 359/365

Lucy 359/365

Today I am thankful for the birth of Jesus Christ, time with family, a big delicious meal, lots of presents, and the excitement that the kids had all day long. Today has been just wonderful. I couldn't have asked for any more. Lucy, Annie, John and Wyatt have all played so incredibly well together and have really had a great time trying out all of their new toys. They got way more than they could ever possibly need or want, but they seem to really like it all.

I hope you all had a merry day and ask that you take a moment to pray for the little baby boy that I told you about a few days ago. His status is still the same, but his twin sister has been released and been given a clean bill of health. I am sure this has been a hard day not having their family home and healthy.

I am off to enjoy the rest of the day with my family and sit on the couch and enjoy a moment or two of still and quiet. Merry Christmas.




Elizabeth said...

No Way! The piano from Big? How fun is that! I love your mom in the background of the shot, laughing with her Christmas PJs and the video camera. So sweet.

Glad it was wonderful! Have a great rest of the weekend!


Norah said...

So happy you had a great holiday!

Henry's mom said...

Merry Christmas! It looks like you had a great one!

Carolyn and Henry

KrisJ said...

Merry Christmas!! Looks like a great one! And you are almost done with your 365!! Im thinking of doing it myself for some motivation.. YIKES!! Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!