Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Lucy 342/365

Annie 342/365

Today I am thankful for being back home safely with my girls. Our flight got delayed by 2 hours yesterday and I thought I was going to cry because I didn't think I could wait an additional 2 hours to see them. They are both sick. High fevers and nasty colds/coughs. They are pretty pitiful and June was such a trooper with them because I know how hard 2 sick kids is even when you are used to them every day. We owe you big time June!! Lucy was still up when we got home and she took about 15 minutes to not be mad at us. Then she just snuggled in and kept saying, "I love you so much. In the whole wide world." Which means I love you more than anything in the whole wide world. Sweet baby girl. She and I just laid on the bed and I rubbed her head and she rubbed my arm. She was so tired from being sick but she stayed up until 10:30 because she was just so happy we were home.

I couldn't get the blog up last night because there was no way I was leaving my babies and then I was too tired. They were sick and missed their momma and the blog just had to wait a day. I got Annie up about 5 minutes after we got home because I just had to love on her. She couldn't breathe and was up several times anyway, but I couldn't wait.

I am so tired it isn't even funny. We stayed up pretty much all night both nights we were gone and I am paying the price. I did win money because I always win!! BUT, it is always negated because Justin ALWAYS loses money!! That two hours our flight was delayed cost us quite a bit of money because we stopped back in the casino and both got our butts handed to us while we killed some time. I have some pretty entertaining stories from Vegas, but they will have to wait until the next post.

Really quickly, go over to Matilda Jane and vote for your favorite photos for the PhotoLove contest. We have used two of the photographers in the finals and I truly adore both of their images - Jennifer Weintraub and Mika Beth Edwards. You can vote for more than one photo. You add it to your shopping bag, continue shopping and keep adding your favorites, and then "check out" and it submits your votes.


Mom said...

OK, I thought I was crazy when I couldn't find a Tuesday post. Hope the pumpkins are feeling better and than June got home safely.

Now I'm waiting for today's post! Love and kisses, LeeLee

Mom said...

PS--the first pic of the Goose scared me! Lee

ELMORE said...

i am sorry the girls are sick :( hope they get better soon. that's nice yall got to get away for awhile! can't wait to hear the stories!

Terynn said...

I agree with your Mom...I would NOT want Lucy mad at me!! LOL

Glad you had fun in Vegas. All young parents need to get away once in awhile.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the girls being sick...yuck! lucky for them...they have mommy home. you take care of yourself (try to rest) and those beauties. by the way, love the first picture. priceless.

Mom said...

Has the elf moved??? Lee

mimi lam said...

Lucy 's really mean business, that is the look could kill. LOL

Sharon said...

That face that Lucy is making is the same face Linhsey does. Unfortunately she made it at a little girl the other day because the little girl referred to Linhsey as a baby...hehehe.