Saturday, December 12, 2009


Lucy 346/365

Annie 346/365

Today I am thankful for the hilarious things that Justin does with the girls. I know one day they will look back on these times and get a big giggle out of them. Tonight, for instance, Annie had gone to bed and Justin and I were putting Lucy to bed. Her Elf on the Shelf is always moving around her room and we all love to talk about him - Maxwell. The three of us were laying on the bed and the elf is currently residing on the top of a picture frame right about Lucy's bed. Justin would pretend like he could hear the elf talking and it would go a little something like this:

J: (Holding his hand to his ear pretending like he could hear something) What's that elf? You want me to check on Lucy's chicken wing? (Justin loves to tickle her armpit, aka chicken wing)

Lucy: (dying laughing) No!! I didn't hear him say that!!

J: Okay elf, if you say so. I better do it if the elf says to. (tickles Lucy until she can't laugh any harder)

This went on for quite some time. Lucy actually loves to be tickled. Justin would keep pretending like the elf was telling him to "check" on different things. Lucy is SOOOO ticklish, especially anywhere near her neck. We all just laughed and laughed. I really do love moments like this where everyone can just stop everything and die laughing. So cute.

Annie seems to feel better today. She didn't throw up any more, so I am pretty sure she just gagged last night. Thank goodness. She woke up a few times, so she came downstairs and watched most of Four Christmases with J and me. Speaking of, that movie is HILARIOUS! We were both cracking up the entire time. Anyway, she is still covered in snot all day long. Gross, I know, but it is true.

Okay, we just got sushi take out because there is no way we are going anywhere. Yummy. Night.


Mom said...

Hooray! Annie had a better day! And it sounds like Lucy has been tickled to pieces!!!

Cold and rainy here today. Had a fun dinner with Seashy and her buds. I'm stuffed!

Off to do a little reading watch a Christmas movie! Hug and kiss those gals for me! XOXOXOXO LeeLee

Sherri said...

Such a sweet, sweet story about Lucy and Justin! I predict that is a story that will be retold alot over the years. Gracie is the same about tickling. She loves it when I get her chicken meat (her thighs). How sweet are these girls?

Terynn said...

I agree with Sherri...I loved the story about Justin and Lucy.

Dads love differently than moms and both ways are so good for kids. :D

Anonymous said...

happy to hear that Annie had a better day. your girls are soooo precious!

Lane Olson said...

justin is too cute. glad you guys are feeling a little more rested.

Seashy said...

when Vince Vaughn gets barfed on in that movie is a little bit how I feel like Justin handles barf.