Friday, December 18, 2009


Lucy 352/365

Annie 352/365

Today I am thankful for a family weekend!! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Cayce, Adam, Austen, Jaksen, Nana, and Grandy right now. They should be here very soon. Lucy is beyond excited. We are doing a big Christmas meal and presents tomorrow. Yay! What I am most excited about is our domino matches. Cayce and I have got to win for once!!!!!

So, I broke down today and went to the American Girl store. I have been trying to avoid this place at all costs because I knew that I would want every single thing in there for the girls. And I was right. I did want it all. I wanted all of the outfits and accessories, but that stuff gets very expensive very, very quickly. I am IN LOVE with what I got though, so I am very pleased that I went. I got Lucy the Ivy doll. When you read her story, she is actually Chinese, but I am going to substitute Vietnamese until Lucy can read! I thought about just getting one of the generic dolls that you can choose the hair and eye color, but I loved Ivy and I love that she has a book and friends. She has a shoulder length bob with bangs and she really is too cute. Then Annie got the Bitty Twins - boy/girl twins with black hair. They are beyond cute. She is going to flip over them because she loves, loves, loves dolls and she will love their hair. They will be perfect in the Pottery Barn Pram that I got her. These dolls are expensive, but if you have ever tried to find a cute Asian doll, you know it is not easy. They are worth the money to me because they are absolutely precious. I hope that the girls love them as much as I do, or else Justin is going to make me play with them since I insisted the girls should have them!

We are lucky to have an American Girl store because you can take them there to the salon and the girls can choose how the dolls hair gets fixed and they have a special cafe to eat in. I am excited to do all of this with them and I know it will be too much fun. Things like this make me so happy to have little girls!

Okay, I have a ton to do tonight. I want to get at least some of the food ready. Lucy's pictures from today are from her school Christmas party today. It was so cute! And Annie is sleeping in our room in the pack-n-play while we have so much company in town. She was quite excited about this!


Kelli said...

oooh- I love American Girl. It's probably a very good thing I have a boy (at least for now :D). When I was a nanny we did the salon, theater (which I think they got rid of) and lunch. It is SO fun!

Enjoy your Christmas tomorrow!

Mom said...

Hooray for your Christmas weekend! I will play with the dolls with you if you need a partner! They are wonderful dolls, and I can't wait to see what you got!

Tell all the family hi from us. And have a wonderful time. And, I think you are crazy to run to Target at this hour for a cast iron skillet! But, you obviously have more energy than me!

Love and kisses to all. LeeLee

Ashley said...

SO fun! American Girl is Molly's favorite place on Earth! Santa got her the Molly doll this year, and she already had my old Samantha. I think they are SO worth the $$! Especially the historical dolls with books- they will get played with forever- plus- you can always get accessories for easy gifts. We'll have to plan a day there with our girls after Christmas!

MKH said...

can't wait to see a picture of these cute dolls! so exciting! enjoy your family!

Jena said...

ooohhh, I am jealous of the store!!!
Bailey just got her first American Girl Doll, and she picked out Ivy too!
Word on the street(ok, my co-workers thought) is now that they are putting Kirsten into the vault, the next doll to come will be Asian too :)
I sure hope so!!!
Have Fun with your Christmas!

Ruby's Fairy Godmother said...

My 5 year old Goddaughter just got her 1st American Girl doll...our family is from New Mexico so we got her Josephina. Santa is bring the horse and few other things. I got the book it will be an exciting Christmas for her! That store is awesome. Last year at Christmas I took my Goddaughter there for brunch and we had a ball...I highly recommend the cafe. Besure to take the Dolls with you as they have highchairs for the tables and the babies are invited to come for the meal! Very cute!
Have a great weekend.
Merry Christmas to your family

Trying Traditional said...

My dad's side of the family is having their party today as well. It's a close family and I can not wait. As a surprise we woke up to the most beautiful, thick dusting of snow all over everything. It makes everything so pristing!

The girls will love the dolls. We have never been able to get one for the girls, but the older two are still asking for one (they turn 8 and 9 next month.) The stories are wonderful as they get older, and the hair is what makes them etra nice. You would be hard pressed to find another doll with hair that will style and restyle like that.

Merry Christmas!

Ana said...

LOVE AG dolls.

I did find an ABSOLUTELY beautiful Asian doll at WalMart of all places! Madame Alexander makes 18 inch dolls and there is a little Asian girl too - and for only $25! Super cute clothes too that could fit the AG dolls at a fraction of the cost.