Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Lucy 350/365

Annie 350/365

Today I am thankful for Costco. I seriously love that place. Love it. And I got to go there all by myself today, which makes it one million times more enjoyable because I can slowly go up and down every row. So maybe I don't need 1,000 packets of Splenda right this minute, but surely I will use them some day. I get so consumed by how much cheaper you can get a lot of stuff, that I just can't resist the bargains.

I am late getting my post up tonight because Lucy and I got down to business after Annie went to bed and wrapped all of the Christmas presents that needed to be wrapped still. We have a big day tomorrow, so I wanted to get it done. Our playgroup Christmas party/book exchange is at our house tomorrow. It is going to be lots of fun and Lucy is quite excited about having a party at our house. There are going to be lots and lots of littles running wild around here tomorrow. Then Friday we have lots of family arriving. Busy, busy all the way through the end of the year.




Elizabeth said...

Costco by yourself?! De-lighful! Isn't it nice not to go with little ones in tow or a big one saying "ok, we got the diapers and stuff we came for are you ready to go?" NOT that Justin is guilty of that but I know that's how it works when I have company at Costco. Totally unfun because the beauty of Costco is that you don't know you need stuff there until you see it. Then you realize you need it. A LOT of it.

Have fun at your Christmas party tomorrow! Your house is the perfect place - there can't be anywhere more festive!


Ashley said...

Can't wait for tomorrow! And neither can Molly!

Mom said...

I, too, am jealous of your Costco trip. Mostly because we don't have one, so I only get to go with you or Holly, or the internet--which totally defeats the purpose! Glad you had fun.

Sounds like from here on out you all are BUSY! Glad everyone is feeling better! I think I'd wait and shovel out once after every party/family gathering is over!

Did the Goose like wrapping presents?? Would love to have been a fly on the wall. Both gals look pretty chipper today! Hope Annie sleeps better tonight. Fingers crossed.

Papa has had a bad headache/not feeling very good day today. He's snoring now, so hopefully the headache will fade, just hate that for him.

Us gals had our Christmas luncheon, turned into a little more Christmas shopping day, today. We had such a grand time. My feet were glad to get home, tho! Have my Santa hat and apron already set out for Christmas at Aldersgate tomorrow. Those folks love their Christmas party.

Guess I'll pack it in. Sure do love and miss you all. Sounds like you're doing great in the big girl truck!
Love and kisses, LeeLee

MKH said...

costco by yourself-almost brings tears to my eyes! did you ever imagine that would bring so much joy? I get that way after target by myself too!
hope your play group party goes well-sounds like a lot of fun. enjoy!