Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Seashy - are these jammies more acceptable to you?
Annie 349/365

Lucy 349/365

Today I am thankful for my new car. Our lease expires next month, so it was time to find a new car. We needed something bigger than the small suv we had. It didn't have nearly enough room in the back for luggage or anything else. I will miss my Infiniti because it was an awesome car. We ended up getting an Expedition. I am really excited about it. Hopefully I will be able to park it! Parking is not my strong suit, even in a smaller car. Uh oh. I think Justin is a tad concerned about this.

It has been a very long day around here. Annie had a really off day. She pretty much fell apart this morning and needed constant attention and holding. I have learned how to get all kinds of stuff done with her attached to me. Justin's side of the family will be back in town to celebrate Christmas this weekend, so there is lots to do around the house.

Only 10 days until Christmas!! Yippppppeeeee!!!


Mom said...

First????? Lee

Mom said...

Those jamies are the best! Seashy will be so happy! Hopefully you don't have too much to get done before family arrives. I'm sure the house looks great and you will all help cook, so that should go well.

Wish I was there to go to Costco tomorrow! Love that place!

Pretty cool to get a new vehicle at Christmas time! Lucky.

Love and kisses to all, LeeLee

Sherri said...

I am not a good parker. When I got my big SUV I found it lots easier to back into spaces. Almost finished for the semester. YAY me! Can you believe that this time three years ago we were waiting to meet our girls?

Weintribe said...

I love my Expedition! Our lease is up in a few months and I'm really hoping to get another one.

That folding 3rd row has REALLY come in handy...I used it today to shuttle a few extra kids home from school!

Enjoy it :)


Anonymous said...

learning to drive a big vehicle becomes natural...hope all goes well with family. have fun! hope annie has a better day tomorrow. have a good wednesday!

Emily said...

seashy better love those jammies b/c they are so cute!
and tell seashy she is lucky to have such a cute baby sister has always been called booger. yes, booger. poor booger, she would much prefer the nickname seashy:)
ps..your christmas card was too cute. mine are finally going out. they are rushed and not too cute:(but at least they are headed out.

KrisJ said...

So I just read your previous post.. I missed a few because Ive been out of town. I just wanted to say that having 2 bio's first and then knowing we were meant to add Malia that I had enormous fear that all of the kids would end up with some sort of issues. I feared that the older 2 would grow jealous of Malia because she is "special" they have heard this so many times from strangers and friends.. I would not describe my daughter as special right!! I also didnt want them to see the different parenting choices and point that out not only thinking it unfair to them but then making Malia feel it was unfair to her.. I guess what it came down to is I didnt want any of my kiddos to feel special, different, not the same. These thoughts stressed me out so much during our adoption process. I knew parenting styles would have to be different and I knew this would be hard BUT the amazing thing I have realized is even though its only been a year is that kids will find issues no matter what, my 1st 2 will bicker over the dumbest things and say certain things are unfair because hes a boy and shes a girl and bla bla bla whether its their age the bed times friends food drinks they at times find reasons for things not being the same or fair. What I have realized is that as long as we are parenting with love and the best intentions and that we are open and honest that no matter what issues come up we will be able to work through them. I of course still mostly worry about Malia, of course her life story will be harder than our bio children this is a given but I truely believe that because of the openess that we have with all of our kids that we will be able to show her enough love and stability that she will come through it beautifully.. of course this is my hope anyways!! I hope I made sense.. I get on a rant and end up sounding like an idiot!
We all get to read about your day and see a little insight of your parenting and I just know that no matter where your next sweet baby comes from that it will be with love and all of the kids will see and feel it and all will work out! Like you said they all will grow and feel differently there is no way for any of us to know how they will feel until one day they tell us BUT as long as the basis of their lives are from love the rest will be worked out!! Right please tell me Im right or else Im gonna get scared all over again lol! OH and 1 more thing from my very long post.. I am also a horrible parker, but my vehicles keep getting bigger and bigger but I will never do the van thing so right now I have a Chrysler Aspen, my advice.. park where there are 2 empty spaces!! Thats my trick!

Amy said...

I can so relate with the parking thing. We have recently moved to France with the Army and we by far have one of the biggest vehicles around. I don't drive often because we live in a big city, but when we do I absolutely hate parking. I just can't parellel park and that is all they have here. Needless to say we walk most places (which is always fun with 3 kiddos).
Good luck!

Sharon said...

Adorable pics and congrats on the new SUV. I used to get out of the car and have my husband park ours because I was too scared..hehehe. Now I am better than him, although he cringes every time I zoom into a space!

Anonymous said...

We just upgraded SUV's last week too! It is amazing how much stuff even only one child can fill up a car. The six hour drives back to IL with E and the dog just requires more room... for my comfort as well, as often as I am basically having to climb in the back seat!

Seashy said...

These PJs RULE!! I would wear those year round if they didn't make ya so hot!

9 days til Christmas!!