Thursday, December 17, 2009


Lucy 351/365

Annie 351/365

Today I am thankful for all of Lucy and Annie's friends. They are just all so precious and I don't know what we would do if we didn't have these friends. I love their mommas, too. The Christmas party/book exchange was a huge hit. I made a lasagna and everyone else brought the sides and it was so yummy. Our house is not the best place for our constantly growing group, but we made it work. If you are curious what kind of a mess 7 two/three year olds and 5 one year olds can make, let me just tell you, it is a big one! We have these 4 baskets in our kitchen full of toys. They are basically junk baskets with a million small toys in them. The floors were covered! No one got hurt, which is kind of a miracle in and of itself. Annie and Lucy did have a running collision that knocked poor Annie flat on her back, but that was at the very end and she was okay after a big cry. The house is already clean again, other than the floors desperately need a mopping. Thanks to all of our precious friends for making the party such a blast. We love you all.

Our friend, Ava, became a big sister today and she still made it to the party with her dad. Katy, we missed you and can't wait to meet Ava's new baby sister. What a blessing to have her for Christmas this year.

I am about to sit my worn out butt on the couch with a glass of wine and watch football with Justin. I wish I could have taken more pictures, but there was just no way. Too much going on.



Anonymous said...

first lee


Mom said...

WOOOOHOOOO! What a fun day at your house!!! Did every little person get a new book?? Cute idea. And, the fact that the house is back in order is somewhat miraculous!!! Glad all went well, and no injuries!!

Great day at Aldersgate. Santa came! All the little folks made a Christmas stocking with their name on it, and then we took them and stuffed them full of goodies. Everyone was so happy. Love that. Then Paula and I took the leftover food, which was so good today, to Our House, along with Dad's closet cleaning out goodies. They were so thankful that it just made my day. We can all be doing so much more for others.

Well, you sound tired, and you will be filling your house up with Justin's family tomorrow. Bet the girls are so excited. Please tell them all hi, and tell June I hope she's rested up from the Vegas trip!!

Love and kisses to all, LeeLee

Mom said...

dada--I would have been FIRST if I hadn't been yacking with your wife!!! Love, Lee

Anonymous said...

such a happy turnout...very happy for you. the pictures that you captured are of happiness.

Sharon said...

So wonderful to have so many moms and children in your lives.

Lane Olson said...

thanks so much for having us kelly. your house was perfect and we had so much fun!