Saturday, December 05, 2009


Lucy 339/365

Annie 339/365

Today I am thankful for Annie deciding that she likes to read books with me all of the sudden. That girl has been way too busy for books until this week. Now she will sit in my lap for quite a few books in a row and point and read with me. I have missed this because Lucy has always been a great reader. She loves books and always has. Books will now be a part of Annie's bedtime routine, where they haven't been before because she simply wouldn't sit through even one very short one. I wondered if this day would ever come and I am very happy that it has.

June got here today so that she could watch the girls for us for a couple of days while Justin and I go to Vegas. We leave tomorrow and I am so excited!!

So, if you are wondering about the house showing, it got canceled because apparently the client got sick. Ugh. Hopefully they will come back. We had a lot going on this morning, so it was kind of nice to not add that to the stress, but still annoying that they didn't come.



Anonymous said...

first lee!!


Uma said...

Beautiful girls, beautiful clothes, beautiful tree ... Have fun in LV.

Kate said...

Have fun in Sin City!

Elizabeth said...

Have a ball in Vegas! Just the idea of a two or three night getaway with just adults...sigh. Fabulous.

Hope June sells the house while you're gone!


Mom said...

I think I see the wonder of Christmas in Annie's eyes! She and the Goose are adorable. Tree looks good, how about a pic of the other one???

The house lookers will come--and I'm with Liz, June you go right ahead and make a deal!

Justin--email me the other gift ideas RIGHT NOW.

Please call before you travel. I know you are excited!
Love and kisses to all, LeeLee

PS--you would be so proud of me for all the Christmas jobs I got done today. I'm wrapped out. The last few things went in cute bags. The end. And I'm pooped. XOXO

Mom said...

OH yow, forgot to say how lucky it is that Annie wants to read!! My turn! Lee

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Lucy's fingers in the first photo! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Your tree is delish! I have major tree envy. Annie's hair is getting long!!!

Raks said...

i came across your blog and was so happy looking at the little girls picture. I grew up in the Philippines and I know how hard it is to live there if you were born poor. I've seen a lot of abandoned children when we go visit the orphanage. Seeing the 2 girls happy and having a good life makes me smile. May God bless all the people who does things like you do. :)