Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Annie 55/365

Lucy 55/365

Today I am SO SO thankful for how awesome Justin was to me today. I have been exhausted for the past week. Not to beat a dead horse, but Annie is really struggling with sleep again. She had gotten SO much better. She was only getting up one or two times a night for several weeks and then wam, she is back to the old routine of getting up a Whole. Bunch. Of. Times. a night. She was up and down nonstop from about midnight to 2:30 last night. Justin finally got her down for good with a bottle around 2:30 and she did stay asleep until 8:15, which is awesome. I finally got to sleep around 3 and woke up several times in the night, so I was not rested at all when the girls got up. I got up, fed Annie a bottle and got her dressed and then said that I needed to lay down in Lucy's bed for a while to try and get another hour or so of sleep. Justin let me sleep, and sleep, and sleep some more. I woke up at 12:30!! Yes, as in after the noon hour. I was shocked. It felt so great. I went downstairs to find Justin eating lunch, Lucy finishing up her lunch, Annie playing on the floor because she had already eaten her lunch, and everyone happy as could be. Justin rocked this morning. And then, he emptied the dishwasher on top of all of that! Thank you so so much honey. I can't tell you how much it meant to me to get the morning off. I love you!

Shortly after I got up, both girls were down for naps. During that time, Justin napped and I worked on our taxes. I think by tonight I will have everything ready to go to the accountant. I always feel so relieved when I have it all sent off to her and we need the refund money, so I don't need to put it off any longer. It is just a beating getting it all together, organized, and figured out. I am almost there though. We got Annie's social security number in the mail yesterday, so I have no more excuses. For those of you wondering about getting a ss#, it only took a week to get it in the mail from the day I applied. Really fast.

Lucy got up from nap first and she and I went to happy hour at Sonic for a drink for everybody. Then I made dinner, we all ate, cleaned the kitchen, baths and it was time for bed. Today was so fast for me since I was asleep for so much of it!! I am really bummed about no Idol tonight but it is good for me because then I can concentrate on knocking out the tax stuff.

Lucy's picture above is so typical of her - bossing us all around about when we can or can't talk. She is BIG into telling someone if they are being too loud for her liking. She is such a mess.



She is just so darn cute. I mean really, isn't she so cute?




Denise said...

More beautiful pictures of both girls! Annie looks so big. I love her dark eyes.
Sonic - I am so jealous. They went out of business in our state, and we sure do miss our Happy Hour stops for our cherry limeades. Have one for us next time.

Anonymous said...

ALL the pics are amazing today. I especially love Annie in the towel & Lucy is adorable as usual. I think Justin is the champ for giving you rest time. I'm just so happy for your sweet family who I love reading about each day!!!

Anonymous said...

Kell, You,re pics the last couple of days look so dif. Much more pro, awesome.
Just for your info, today I tied my best score of my life with my new golf balls!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't get the big head, I really don't know if they were the gift from you or from one of your sis's. So, then I am sitting there and who walks in, Jeff Long. We talk basketball, football, it was a really good day. I don't know about everyone else but I can use a good day about rite now.
Love yous guys, Dad
PS The Dude ------
fill in the blanks

Shawna said...

Husband of the year for Justin! I knew I was a fan of him Kel.

life with the wisners said...

give me a J-U-S-T-I-N! yay justin!

love that he saw a need and filled it. because he loves his woman and his family.

and your pictures? seriously...can you help me come up with a more creative comment?

and annie's teethy grin? um, yeah, i want to eat her with a spoon.

Kate said...

Yay Justin! :) Glad you were able to get some rest!

Anonymous said...

Hi kids! This comment is for yesterday and today! First of all, I am SO excited that therapy went well. That girl will be running us over before we know it! Loved the pics. Today, we all have to give Justin the BIG THANK YOU for sleep time. A+ for you, buddy!! Can either girl be any cuter?????? Am already waiting for #56. Sending sleep vibes to ALL of you! Love and kisses, Lee Lee

PS--I have no idea what Dad is talking about, either.

Susan said...

I definitely think Justin is a keeper! Precious, precious sleep. Gosh, it is SO hard to have a baby who doesn't sleep. If I could sprinkle fairy dust on your sweet Annie to help her sleep, I absolutely would. Big, giant hugs are coming your way from my sleepless girl and her tired mama.

Anonymous said...

You totally deserved that sleep! And what a mighty good man (shout out to Salt n Pepa!) for being Daddy/Hubby of the Year so you could get back on your feet!!

Candace said...

I can totally relate to the sleep issues. I haven't had a full night's sleep since we got our daughter in June. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with teeth. She's 18 months now, so I'm hoping she'll sleep through the night soon. Hopefully Annie will do that same. Your pictures are always amazing!

Christina said...

you must just smile all day long seeing Annie's sweet grins. She is SUCH a doll!
Three cheers for Justin giving you a morning off, what a hubby!

MKH said...

I'm so happy you were able to get sleep! your husband does rock! LOVE the pics of your happy girl annie! love that smile!

Sharon said...

Oh yes, REALLY...she is just so darn cute. Annie is always beaming in her pictures now. Love it!