Thursday, February 12, 2009


Annie 43/365

Together 43/365

Lucy 43/365

Today I am thankful for Justin coming back from Nashville. We have missed you Dada! He should be home later tonight. The girls will be so pumped to see you in the morning and I can't wait to see you in a few hours. I am also thankful that Nana and Grandy are coming to our house tomorrow. Lucy is talking about you guys all of the time. First thing this morning she said, "I go You-See's (Lucy's) house tomorrow." Papa and I both agreed with her and when I asked who else was coming to Lucy's house, she shouted NANA and GRANDY!!!!!! She is really excited to see you both. This girl is going to be so sad when it is back to normal with just me and her Dada around. She will have had over a week of grandparent spoiling time and it is going to be a tough adjustment back to regular old life.

I have been really tired today. The girls and I were on our own most of the morning because Papa was golfing and Lee Lee had tennis and then her volunteer day is Thursday. When she got back home, I got Lucy down for nap and then I ran to the mall and then went and visited Kathy and Perry again. Sweet Perry slept on my chest the entire time I was over there. It was heavenly. I truly love newborns. Then we cooked breakfast for dinner. My dad makes the world's best biscuits and gravy. Seriously, they are to die for!! Before I could blink, it was bath time and bed time for Annie. Lucy will probably be up late tonight because she napped for 3.5 hours this afternoon and didn't get up until 5:30. She never does this. All of this activity has worn her out!

I am off to watch my shows. I adore Thursday night tv! Have a great night.

A nice place to relax

They did this on their own. That is why the pictures are crappy because I was rushing to catch the moment. Sweet girls.

Lucy never got around to wearing this awesome onesie that her daddy picked out for her during a trip to LA. So I guess Annie does still get a few new things! :)

It is so sweet on the front - it says Dream Baby and then so rock-n-roll in the back.



Yes, my parents do have a yellow bathroom!

And that, my friend, is enough!


Mom2J&I said...

Such sweet pic's and I love the onesie!

Anonymous said...

Love the the onesie!!!

Gina said...

I've seldom posted but had to after seeing today's post...the picture of the two girls with their arms around each other is absolutely wonderful!

Anonymous said...

good lord they are gorgeous.
and sweet to boot! xo

Kelli said...

Love that onesie and the picture of Lucy and Annie is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

I am four posts behind on your blog and when I clicked to read the first thing I saw was that amazing picture of Annie - so adorable! And that onesie is so amazing as well - I love it!

Christina said...

You mean I'm not the only one with a yellow bathroom? LOL It's so sweet what a wonderful relationship the girls have with all their grandpaents. The hugging shots are just precious!

Anonymous said...

OBSESSED. I'm obsessed with that ADORABLE picture of sisters. I can't believe you were able to catch the moment. That will be an amazing treasure always.

Anonymous said...

The first two plus the one of Lucy in the chair bought such a grin and giggle from me today.

JessT79 said...

Awesome pics as usual!

Love the pic of the girls hugging :-)

Anonymous said...

I really like that first pic where you can see Annie's new top teeth!

Kristin Wye-Rodney said...

I have been following your blog when we began our adoption process in Vietnam, but I love your daily photos. It has inspired me to try to photograph my boys more -- I am keeping the camera within arm's reach so I can catch the moments (rare as they are) when they are still enough to capture on film. You are such a talented photographer!

Anonymous said...

this post was to die for. OBSESSED with Annie's onesie and the first picture of the girls with thier arms around each other-TOO sweet.

love and miss you all

Anonymous said...

I KNOW that you could have changed the color of that awful bathroom with your editing. Love the sissy pics!
Hugs and kisses, LeeLee

Erica said...

Oh my goodness--I love the bath photos!

Dawn said...

Those are GREAT pictures!!!

MKH said...

that is the sweetest shot of the girls!

life with the wisners said...

ok. where have i been? the hugging shot? i agree with everyone. love it. love it so much.

and that onesie? it rocks.

bad joke. sorry it's late.

and shocker. goo has that grey sweater. love it.