Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Annie 49/365

Lucy 49/365

Today I am thankful for the Arboretum. It is my favorite place. It is so relaxing, peaceful, and beautiful. This was Annie's first time to the Arboretum. We just sat in the green grass as the bigger kiddos ran wild. Love it! Today was the most gorgeous day. Sunny and 75 degrees. Literally, perfection. As you can see, Louis has now managed to win over the heart of Annie in addition to Lucy's. She just loved him and Louis is the sweetest with my girls. I love everything about the picture above, but most of all how Annie's hands are on Louis'. Mandy, I know you are, but you definitely deserve to be proud of him. There are not many 6 year old little boys that would do this. Love that boy! Lucy wanted nothing to do with getting her picture made today so I am lucky I got anything of her at all. She loved this koi pond. I hardly took any pictures at all because I was just trying to enjoy the afternoon with my babies and good friends.

I don't know what is up with the video not working but I am not pleased about it. It works fine on my computer when I go to the blog. Try clicking HERE to go directly to the dropshots page and see if this works. :(


I have tried to get this picture 1,000 times. I love pictures of sun flare, but have never been able to capture it - until today!


Look how tiny Lucy is next to such a giant tree.



Kelli said...

Well I am glad you just posted about the video...I am obviously refreshing to retry the video and both times I did there were new posts. too funny and I love the vivid colors in the pics today!

Kelli said...

Aiden (my night owl who won't go to sleep tonight) and i give it two...four thumbs up! Aiden was sqeualing at all of the pictures which is probably what kept me from crying. It was truly beautiful, Kelly.

MKH said...

that picture of the sun is awesome! all of the kids look cute today!

Jen said...

Beautiful--love the one of Lucy gazing into the pond.

Way to go keeping up with the daily posts and photos!!

Mom said...

Wish I was close to the Arboretum!! Louis is a doll to the gals and that is SO special!! Where was Anna?? All the pics are great. Good work on day 49. Love ya, Lee Lee

Hope your computer cord gets there tomorrow! I know it's driving you crazy not to be on the computer ALL the time!

Kate said...

Great shots today, Kelly. I love the tree photo.

Cinnamon said...

Annie's pants rock!! Oh yeah that is what green grass looks like. I forgot. I can't wait for spring. I also like your pics with the cool sunbeams, nice!

KrisJ said...

LOVE the sun pic and of course the girls pics too! Im so glad I am not the only one having trouble with the video.. cant wait to see it!

life with the wisners said...

Dude I'm not kidding when I tell you I want to buy your flare picture and hang it over my mantle. You nailed it. Truly nailed it! I am so proud of you. You're doing great with all your daily posts. It's our blessing.

Kelly Carr said...

I found your story through surfing through some blogs and I have you in my favorite browser! My husband and I have a son, Owen. We know the Graves family, which you may not even know who they are, but our sons had the same birth defect at birth. So we have become friendly over the internet!

My husband, Kevin and I are adopting from Korea. We are in the "waiting" period. We will be waiting for atleast another year for our precious baby.

We have loved watching you add your precious family. We have especially enjouyed the changes in Annie's face/posture/gaze as you so sweetly capture them each day through your photos! She is a completely different child because of love, security and peace in knowing you are her forever family.

What an ecouragement it is to us to see such sweet little girls you have, the journey you and your husband have taken and the delight we see in all of your faces as you raise these beautiful children. Thanks for being a light and encouragement to us.

Hugs from Indiana,

Norah said...

I love when you take pictures there, and love reading about it! You give me hope for the warm weather to come. And here I thought it felt warm this morning when I brought the kids to school. It was 44 : )

JinXiu said...

your pictures get more and more beautiful
it must be your subjects

love the picture of Lucy looking in the water

jilljohnandhope said...

Oh my gosh. The video is amazing. The second song is my very favorite song anyway, and to watch the video with it was just so awesome. What a special gift for Annie!

mimi lam said...

Such an emotional, precious video for Annie to keep, she is certainly ray of sunshine, flower of spring, summer breeze, and a bright star on the cloudy night, and so is her sister Lucy. Also, Annie's wild pant is so cool.

Heather said...

I found your blog through another adoptive mom's blog & I just want to tell you that you are so talented! I love your photography & I love reading your posts. You have two beautiful little girls! We have three children from Vietnam: twin boys adopted in 2002 who are now 8 1/2 years old & our baby Caleigh who came home July 4th of this year & she is 16 months. LOVED the have inspired me to try & make one of my own. Keep up the great work! You're on my favorites list !

Heather M.